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  1. jcaz

    Favorite Brady Game

    Beyond the playoffs, this game, not just for the butt fumble, but for how quickly this game went from close to over is one of my favorites. My brother's wife is a Jets fan. My mother was at their house for Thanksgiving. We were on the phone mocking my sister-in-law for most of the day. It's...
  2. jcaz

    NHL Trade Deadline Gamethread

    On the Simmonds to the Sabres, the narrative in Buffalo is that the team is soft and the effort is inconsistent. Only Eichel is seen as playing consistently. I think adding Simmonds, and the Devils paying half his salary, is intended to add grit and effort.
  3. jcaz

    January NHL Game Thread

    Old friend Noel Acciari is having a run - 12 goals in his last 12 games for 17 goals this season in 41 games. Somehow: he's scored the 17 goals on only 68 shots he's got only 3 assists he's got no powerplay goals but is still a -1 on the season He's getting ~18 minutes a night in Florida.
  4. jcaz

    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 16 vs Bills

    This, exactly. Time of possession, yards, every metric the Pats were better. If not for a couple of successful heaves, the game wouldn't have been close.
  5. jcaz

    Celebrating What Is

    Tom Brady is now 245-70 including postseason. Drew Brees (165-116) is second with 80 fewer wins, 46 more losses. Tom has started 31 more games than Brees, despite entering the league only 1 year before him. The extra games are obviously due to the Pats deep runs in the playoffs. Brady has a...
  6. jcaz

    September NHL News Thread

    Help me understand what's happening with the Leafs and the cap. CapFriendly says they're at almost $95M against the cap of $81.5M; the $95 includes it seems $13.3M in LTIR, and $1.2M in retained salary from Kessel. So, what I understand is that they enter the season with essentially no...
  7. jcaz

    Real Life Fantasy Golf - Following Rob

    Think Rob would do an AMA with us? I'd love to ask him a few questions about life on tour.
  8. jcaz

    Red Sox non-star team (since 1975)

    This thread got me thinking about Coco Crisp whose time in Boston was unremarkable - .271/.330/.390 with an OPS+ of 84. Of course he's probably best remembered for his Matrix-like avoidance of James Shields right hand. Anyone remember what predicated that HBP? Watching the video, Remy says...
  9. jcaz

    (video) Amir Garrett charges the Pirates dugout and tries to take on the entire team on his own (now with PHOTOS)

    Anyone got the video of the pitch to Dietrich? Every video that I've seen starts with Garrett's race towards the dugout. How high and tight was the pitch?
  10. jcaz

    2019 Open Championship- Royal Portrush

    Am I missing something on the or is there no way to get shot-by-shot info for players? The track feature just shows what hole the player's on, and the player's stats. Disappointing.
  11. jcaz

    Game 5 - Bruins v. CBJ

    Anyone else see that puck go in on the last Columbus threat? Looked like Tuuka made the initial stop, with the right leg extended, then puck ended up getting poked over the line but covered up by the back leg. Am I crazy?
  12. jcaz

    SB53: We Need Links Thread!

    What's cooler in this video - Andrews with the hockey stick or whatever it is that Robert Kraft is wearing around his neck?
  13. jcaz

    Celebrating What Is

    Gronk on NFL network right now.
  14. jcaz

    12/8 I Guess Someone Needs to do This

    The Leafs do the Game in an hour thing as replays for all their games. They edited out the hit on McAvoy but of course left the Wagner hit. And, how parhetic was Hainsey’s little show. Someone should pummel him just on principle.
  15. jcaz

    12/8 I Guess Someone Needs to do This

    He should get as many as McAvoy misses or 5, whatever is more.
  16. jcaz

    12/8 I Guess Someone Needs to do This

    Fuck the Leafs and the hockey night in Canada apologists. Someone should decapitate Matthews
  17. jcaz

    11/24/18 - Bruins @ Canadiens

    Anyone else watching this game in Canada? I wonder which game is better - the one we're watching or the one Bob Cole is seeing / broadcasting. Is he even at the game, or is he just making shit up?
  18. jcaz

    2018 Ryder Cup- Le Golf National

    Adieu Tigre
  19. jcaz

    2018 Ryder Cup- Le Golf National

    I would love to see the driving accuracy stats for the week. The US guys have spent their lives in rough up to their shins
  20. jcaz

    2018 PGA Tour

    Senior, errr, Champions' tour is playing the Senior US Open this week. In the field is John Smoltz who qualified outside Atlanta. After 7 holes, Smoltz is +7, dead last in the morning wave.