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  1. Green (Tongued) Monster

    Hockey 101: How to Identify Quality Defense

    Calling all SoSH hockey buffs to help educate a new fan. As a teenager, I loved playing hockey video games and going to the local AHL arena (Hershey Bears) to take in a game. I went for the speed of the action and the fights. There was no opportunities to play where I grew up, and it was not...
  2. Green (Tongued) Monster

    October Game Thread

    Not sure if there is going to be a postseason game thread or not, so please move this if necessary. I just saw the projected starters for the Bal-Tor WC game and I have no idea what Gibbons is doing. Why is he starting Stroman and his 7.04 ERA against Baltimore when Liriano is more rested...