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  1. Marciano490

    What Do You Want For This Patriots Season

    Usual corona caveats aside, so assuming there is a season, where do you see this team and what are your priorities? After the last 20 years, I’m more SB or bust and I don’t think this team has the meat for that, especially with a better AFC East and two apparent juggernauts in KC and Baltimore...
  2. Marciano490

    George Herman “Babe” Ruth of the Boston Red Sox Caught the Spanish Flu Twice In the Year 1918

    Here’s an interesting retelling of Babe Ruth’s experience(s) with the Spanish Flu in 1918. Thread title a la soxhop.
  3. Marciano490

    2020 Playoffs: Who You Rooting For Now?

    Can’t remember the last time we were out this early. I’ve always liked the Saints and Brees and NOLA is a great city. Also wouldn’t mind the Titans. I love Nashville, and respect to Vrabel, Dion and Ryan.
  4. Marciano490

    Week 14 Gamethread

    Cowboys should just forfeit first and second downs.
  5. Marciano490

    Belichick and Saban: The Art of Coaching (HBO Doc)

    View: Did we know this was a thing already, because I just got home and saw the trailer on HBO for the first time. Wasn't sure which forum to post it in because it probably applies to every forum on every site ever created, but seemed best here.
  6. Marciano490

    Wayne Gretzky (a question, he’s still not dead)

    This thread more or less came out of a random 4 AM thought project, but can anyone explain Wayne’s statistical dominance? I can’t think of any other sport where one athlete has put up scoring stats so far and away beyond what anyone else is currently doing except maybe Wilt’s PPG, which I...
  7. Marciano490

    Week 15 Game Thread

    Week 15 kicks off tonight with 2 teams it's oh so delicious to see having terrible seasons - the Broncos vs. the Colts. Should be enjoyably ugly.