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    Could Eric Hosmer "break out" as a power hitter?

    Interesting piece from Fangraphs about Hosmer's power potential with some quotes from an interview he did with Travis Sawchick. On launch angle: He's not an analytics guy, so I'm not sure how much patience he'll have with trying out tweaks to his swing. But he's got the potential to be a...
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    Juiced Balls... Intentional? I'm not going to pull choice quotes from the article, it's worth reading the entire thing. It makes a very compelling case that up to half of the increase in home runs we've seen since the all star break in 2015 can be attributed to various...
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    Phillies Outfielders Swap Places Mid-Inning Gabe Kapler: Getting too cute with defensive shifts or Real Man of Genius?
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    BA Top 100 List Is Out...

    Sox don't look good. Groome at 83 Fastball: 60 | Curveball: 60 | Changeup: 50 | Control: 50 | Cutter: 55 Chavis at 85 Hit: 50 | Power: 60 | Speed: 45 | Fielding: 45 | Arm: 55 That's it...
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    MLB's Draft Kings: The Boston Red Sox

    The Hardball Times took a look at the best drafting teams throughout MLB's history and the hometown team landed in the top spot. This is a really fun read:
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    Daniel Bard had Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    I was listening to Rob Bradford's podcast on the way to work this morning and he had Daniel Bard on to talk about his career. He mentioned that he had undergone surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and that was the first time I can recall hearing that. Apparently it was subtle at first, a minor...
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    Tim Hyers, The Red Sox, and Launch Angle

    I decided to take a look at which hitters might be most primed to benefit from adding a little loft to their swings using some statcast data. The results included Bogaerts, which was not surprising, but had three others that you might not have guessed (I know I didn't). Here's one of them...
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    BA Red Sox Top 10

    It's behind a pay wall, so I won't post everything. But here's the list with a few interesting snippets. Chat is at 2PM today, so you can get questions in here: 1. Jay Groome, LHP 2. Michael Chavis, 3B 3. Tanner Houck, RHP 4. Bryan Mata, RHP 5...
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    Winter Meetings 2018: News Only

    Renamed the other thread. This one is for linking to articles and tweets only. Discussion can be carried out in the rumors and speculation thread (Sorry E5!) Scott Lauber says the Red Sox are interested in Kyle Schwarber. Chad Jennings has a piece up for the Herald that reports that the Red...
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    Winter Meetings 2018: Rumors and Speculation

    We're finally at the Winter Meetings and Dombrowski is almost certainly fixin' to wheel and deal a bit. The Sox need a big bat first and foremost, so expect to hear plenty of rumors about J.D. Martinez and a number of potential trades. First one I've seen is that the Sox are looking at Kyle...
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    Boston Herald sold to Gatehouse Media LLC.
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    Giants interested in JBJ

    Figured this could use its own thread. I'll pull the two follow up posts from the new thread in here as well:
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    Let's get reasonable (moderate improvements to the roster)

    Sure, it's more fun to speculate on the big improvements that might happen in the winter, but Dombrowski has also shown he is fairly adept at bringing in more moderate additions to the roster (Brad Ziegler, Addison Reed, Doug Fister, Mitch Moreland, Chris Young, Rajai Davis, Eduardo Nunez...
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    The Farm in 2018 (A poll!)

    There's virtually nothing left of any value as far as trades go. Michael Chavis is the only upper minors player who has met or exceeded expectations in the past year, so any other prospect included in a deal is being bought as pure potential/a lotto ticket. Jay Groome is probably still the top...
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    The Kids Are Clutch, The Future Is Very Bright (we're gonna be okay)

    Rafael Devers hit an inside the park home run in the 9th inning tonight to cut the lead to one. He doesn't shy away from big moments, he thrives in them. Papi's replacement is here: (Can't embed that gif, sorry) And that's after he put the Sox ahead in game 3 with a home run that made it...
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    Mid-season Prospect List Updates

    BP and BA are out already. Here's how Sox prospects ranked: BA: Rafael Devers - 6 (up from 14) Jay Groome - 87 (down from 81) Michael Chavis - 96 (not ranked previously) Former Sox: Yoan Moncdada - 1 Michael Kopech - 20 Anderson Espinoza - 64...
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    RHP Alex Scherff - 5th round pick in 2017

    Name: Alex Scherff School: Colleyville Heritage High (Texas) Age when drafted: 19 Height: 6'2" Weight: 209 lbs Signing Bonus: $700K Slot value: $296,500.00 Starting assignment: ??? BA Scouting Report: MLB Scouting Report: Ranked 52nd overall in the draft class by MLB, 59th by BA. He was the...
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    All Time Great Red Sox Plays

    Last night Dustin Pedroia made one of the greatest defensive plays by a Red Sox player I've ever seen happen live (on TV). It might be the best. What he did was simply remarkable. The awareness of his surroundings, the physicality on display of being able to dive for the ball, bare hand it, and...
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    2017 Dodgers Thread: Cody Bellinger, Come On Down (and stay).

    Toles done for the year with a torn ACL. Bellinger avoided being sent back down when Pederson returned from the DL because Adrian Gonzalez got hurt. This all but assures him a place on the roster for the rest of the season, especially given his performance to date (315/383/704 with 6 HR)...
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    SoSHCast - Now part of Sports & Sorts!

    We've published the first episode of what is going to be a weekly podcast from This is going to be a Sox-centric but not exclusive podcast that features two jackasses who love talking about baseball talking about... well, baseball. If you are looking for something to add to...