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  1. BigSoxFan

    2020 Pats: How Does the Season End?

    Simple thread. Predict how this story ends now that playoff seeding has been finalized.
  2. BigSoxFan

    What's the big deal?

    Now that December 15th has come and gone, it's time to start evaluating the big man market, which figures to heat up in the coming months as teams start to give up on 2019-2020 season. This team is pretty much well-stocked everywhere else so the only move I really see Danny making is for an...
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    Wide-Eyed Receivers: Pats Rookie WR Discussion

    Given today’s Gordon news, the Pats now have 3 rookie WRs who figure to play important roles down the stretch. Gunner is the PR and emergency Jules slot replacement. Meyers is currently the #4 WR and is pretty quietly coming of age in front of our very eyes, . He and Brady look like they’re...
  4. BigSoxFan

    Toeing the Line: Morality and the Pats

    This thread is an offshoot of the AB stuff, which I think could warrant a larger discussion. I would like to see where everyone draws the line using my admittedly arbitrary metrics.
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    Poll: AB-C Ya Later? What Happens to AB?

    We have a poll for what you want to happen. Now’s the time to guess on what WILL happen.
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    What Can Brown Do For You? The X’s and O’s Discussion

    I’ll let the euphoria remain in the other thread but figured that we should have a thread dedicated to how Brown fits in with the offense. I’m obviously far from an expert on this but after watching him during his career, I see an explosive WR who can basically run any route and who is not shy...
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    The Antonio Brown Hypothetical: Post-Release

    Yes, the Patriots aren't trading for Antonio Brown. Let's get that out of the way. However, would you trade for AB if the Raiders decided to give him away for basically nothing?
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    Which rookie will have greatest impact next 3 years?

    The purpose of this thread is for people to predict which rookie will make the largest impact on the Celtics team over next 3 years. Be prepared to explain your selection. Response can include multiple factors, such as statistical impact, role, potential trade value, etc.
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    Game of Groans: How Does the Season End?

    Down 3-1. Going on the road to King’s Landing. Kyrie getting beaten down worse than the Dothraki. Stevens pulling a Dany and not knowing when to call a timeout. Hayward not providing any air cover. How is this season going to end?
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    Most Hated Patriots & Opponent Player

    Inspired by the "greatest play" thread, the purpose of this thread is simple: Name your most hated (obviously, relative term) Patriot of all-time and most hated Patriots opponent player. Each should be accompanied with a reason and those reasons need not be rational. Examples can be poor...
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    Byerie Irving? Do you want Kyrie back?

    The point of this thread is simple. Based on what you know now, do you want Kyrie back next year on a max deal?
  12. BigSoxFan

    The Value of Belichick

    We all know how valuable he is to the organization so the premise of this thread is simple. What is the price that you would actually consider trading Belichick to another organization? The compensation can be in the form of players and/or picks and you can use real examples. For instance, if...
  13. BigSoxFan

    Rank Your Children: Ordering the Pats Titles By Meaning to You

    Yes, this is an obnoxious premise but I see some potential for some variation in answers. The purpose of the thread is to see where everyone ranks the 6 titles based on meaning to you as a fan. I presume SB36 goes #1 on most lists but the rest could have some differences based on the...
  14. BigSoxFan

    Anthony Davis Predictions

    Title says it all. Predict where AD is playing basketball at the start of the 2019-2020 season.
  15. BigSoxFan

    SB53: Prediction Thread

    Let’s see who’s the smartest poster here. Time to get on the record: 1) Who wins and what is score? 2) Who wins MVP? 3) Which team scores first? Which player? 4) How many yards/TDs/INTs for Brady? 5) How many yards/TDs/INTs for Goff? 6) Who has most rushing yards for Pats? How many? 7)...
  16. BigSoxFan

    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    This isn't the analysis thread. This is a wish casting thread. I'm going to give a hypothetical and curious to see the responses since I've seen significant variations in people I've talked to. The hypothetical is the following: If you could pre-determine the outcome of SB53, what would you...
  17. BigSoxFan

    The variables of "Who do you want to play in the playoffs"

    Sure it's just a reference to the playoff games, which have been major struggles every single time: 2009: 33-14 Ravens 2011: 23-20 Patriots (and needed Sterling Moore miracle to avoid L) 2012: 28-13 Ravens 2014: 35-31 Patriots (needed to come back from double digit deficit twice) Obviously...
  18. BigSoxFan

    The Glass is Half Full Thread: Searching for Positive Vibes

    Clearly, we're all annoyed at the last 2 weeks and rightfully so. The team had a major meltdown that cost a win and potentially the 2 seed and a series of meltdowns that prevented them from beating Pittsburgh. So, 14 games in, what are the positives from this season? I'll get it started but this...
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    Sony Michel and draft strategy

    We didn’t “need” a first round RB, which was entirely my point. Before the draft, we had Burkhead, Gillislee, and White in the fold. Clearly, you can’t rely on Burkhead staying healthy but they also had Gillislee who was only a likely cut because they spent a 1st on Michel. And then they added...
  20. BigSoxFan

    All Along the Hightower - #54 Discussion

    “There must be some kind of way outta here...” Ok, I think it’s time to discuss the elephant LB in the room. It’s September 2018 and Dont’a Hightower, our 2 time SB hero, sucks at playing linebacker. Like, he REALLY sucks. I think we’ve all seen the same guy. He is constantly slow to react...