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  1. canderson

    Let’s predict the 2020 Red Sox record

    This season will be the most bizarre of any we have ever seen. This Red Sox roster is ... interesting. Offense might be ok but who again are these guys we have pitching? So, just curious where everyone sees this team finishing. Let’s pretend the “full” season gets played, even if you believe...
  2. canderson

    Help me secure my Google account

    I have a very - very - easy and common name as my Gmail address. I get at least 10 wrong emails daily - not counting the thousands I have marked as spam or whatever from newsletters and sales emails people signed up for,. I had to do the + xxxxx trick for my Apple ID because I was locked out of...
  3. canderson

    WordPress blog posts - any knowledgeable users here?

    I run a WordPress site (not a .com site but I host it) and am in need to quickly export all the blog posts (there are more than 300) into Word or .txt files or anything that a normal non-web person can open on the computer. Ideally it'd be with the embedded images but that might not be possible...
  4. canderson

    The Politics of being J.D.

    NY Daily News is hitting Martinez hard today for posting a photo of Hitler along with the text "To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens" to Instagram in 2005. He also posted in 2012 a quite racist meme about Obama voters all being unemployed...
  5. canderson

    iOS 11.3 bookmark issues

    Last weekend I updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS 11.3. Since then I'm having terrible bookmark issues. When I go to create a new bookmark, it will show up for a few seconds and then disappear. Or sometimes it even creates a bookmark to another recently-visited site that I never bookmarked...
  6. canderson

    WiFi security flaw puts everyone's everything at risk

    This not only is bad for your tablet and cell, but really bad for your smart bulbs, smart locks, garage door opener, etc. Yikes. There are experts here on this type of stuff, hopefully they can convince us not to move to a cave...
  7. canderson

    2018 Schedule

    Today schedules were released for all MLB teams. The Red Sox open March 29 with a 4 game series at Tampa Bay, followed by a two-game series at Miami. Home opener is April 5 vs Tampa Bay. Interleague road series are @ Atlanta, @ Washington, @ Philadelphia and @ Miami. Lots of home games in...
  8. canderson

    Bryce Harper has thoughts about the All-Star Game

    Mr. NatsTown has an idea to switch up the ASG. This is insane had never happens, but it's an interesting idea. Any others out there you'd like to see? I think the Home Run Derby should be current players vs...
  9. canderson

    Pedroia's latest X-rays

    He never catches breaks @PeteAbe Pedroia is at the hospital for x-rays. Where he was hit in the back swelled up. Trouble moving his arm.
  10. canderson

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    During tonight's game, Remy said translators shouldn't be allowed to take mound visits along with coaches. O'Brien asked him why and he said pitchers should learn basic baseball language with coaches instead. This is quickly growing into a big story as I saw an ESPN headline and just had a...
  11. canderson

    Needing iPhone charging dock to replace bedside clock

    My trust old clock radio finally died. I'd like to take this opportunity to get a device that I can use as a iPhone charging station so I can keep my phone on my nightstand instead of on the floor while charging overnight. I'd be fine without a clock on the device I guess, my main need is the...
  12. canderson

    iCloud help

    I recently discovered my Pad Air 2 (since a month ago) and iPhone 6S (since mid Nov) are not updating to iCloud when I plug them in to the charger. Both are running the latest public iOS 10 software. I've done the following to no avail on both devices: - logged out/back in to iCloud - deleted...
  13. canderson

    NCAA College Football Week 9: Cocktail party time!

    We missed VT's win over Pitt last night, my bad. Some good-looking games this week. Highlights include: (7) Nebraska at (11) Wisconsin (3) Clemson at (12) Florida State (4) Washington at (17) Utah I have a feeling West Virginia at pokes could be highly entertaining too. Friday, Oct. 28, 2016...
  14. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 8: aggy goes down

    Not a ton that jumps out this week as being interesting. (6) aggy at (1) Alabama is the highlight. (17) Arkansas at (21) Auburn could be interesting too. Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016 Miami, FL at Virginia Tech 7:00 pm ESPN / ESPN3 Troy at South Alabama 7:30 pm ESPNU / WatchESPN BYU at (14) Boise...
  15. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 7: Party time in Madison

    Kind of a blah week. No game tonight. Highlights include: (1) Alabama @ (9) Tennessee (Alabama probably wins by three TDs) (2) O$U @ (8) Wisconsin NC State @ Clemson - I love good defenses Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016 (25) Navy at East Carolina — Postponed to Nov. 19 Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 Duke...
  16. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 6: Beat OU

    Hurricane Matthew is playing havoc with scheduling. LSU at Florida has been postponed and they don't have any mutual weeks off the rest of the season. No,idea how they'll handle the makeup game. Tulane at UCF and Charlotte at Florida Atlantic both have been moved back a few days. No news yet on...
  17. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 5: 3 top 10 matchups!

    Week highlights: #3 Louisville at #5 Clemson #8 Wisconsin at #4 Michigan #7 Stanford at #10 Washington Thursday Kansas at Texas Tech 7:30 pm FS1 / FSGo UConn at (6) Houston 8:00 pm ESPN / WatchESPN Friday (7) Stanford at (10) Washington 9:00 pm ESPN / WatchESPN Toledo at BYU 10:15 pm ESPN2 /...
  18. canderson

    Arnold Palmer dead at 87 Mods: if this should go somewhere feel free to move as you see fit
  19. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 4: I guess I root for piggy

    Not a bad weekend ahead but I can't get too excited for many of the games. The biggies: (12) Georgia @ (23) Ole Miss (11) Wisconsin @ (8) Michigan State (19) Florida @ (14) Tennessee (17) piggy vs (10) aggy @ Jerry World THURSDAY (5) Clemson at Georgia Tech 7:30 pm ESPN FRIDAY Wyoming...
  20. canderson

    2016 College Football Week 3: In which Miami goes to Appalachia

    Great slate of games this week. Some highlights: Alabama @ Ole Miss Florida State @ Louisville Miami @ tiny App State (how did this happen?!) aggy @ Auburn Sparty @ ND Buckeye$ @ land thieves THURSDAY (6) Houston at Cincinnati 7:30 pm ESPN FRIDAY (21) Baylor at Rice 8:00 pm ESPN Arkansas...