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  1. Murby

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    Yeah. I also remember hearing her on EEI in the mornings and she was good. I don't doubt she wanted to focus on tv where it was fewer yahoo's trying to tell her she didn't know anything and it was better money. She made the right choice for sure. I just know she would kill it on radio if she was...
  2. Murby

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    I came to echo this. Trenni paid her dues and she does a tremendous job. If she was given a consistent radio gig in one of the drive times M-F, I too would tune in.
  3. Murby

    2020 World Junior Championships

    I have an app subscription, which I use to watch other games. All the folks seem to suggest I can watch this USA-Canada game via the app. I am not seeing it. Am I supposed to find it in a submenu? I may have to give TSN some cash just to watch this thing. (edit: can't do that - poop)
  4. Murby

    December NHL News Thread

    gross. #HardPass
  5. Murby

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    I wanted him to stay, but oh well. For the record, watching him hit was far less tedious to me than Salty and he was a better framer of pitches. (makes it sound like he was setting someone up for murder - ha)
  6. Murby

    Bruins sign Coyle and Wagner to extensions

    This was my takeaway too, it speaks volumes about that room and the leadership of Z & Bergy. Means when Z signs another short-term deal for cheap money, he will still be well worth that deal.
  7. Murby

    November 2019 NHL News

    Holy moly, that is an awesome logo!
  8. Murby

    10/3- Opening Night @ Dallas

    Oh, I bet they paid some "brand consultant" a hefty fee to do some research and fart out some dumb logo. It doesn't look like sports at all. It looks like a telecom group or a medical group. It's weird. Still, if they would get get rid of that bottom line and make the score box smaller, I...
  9. Murby

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Been a big Workman fan since 2013, but he's had a ton of chances to perform in late and close spots. He scares the heck out of me in the closer role.
  10. Murby

    July NHL News - Free Agency

    Leafs acquire defenceman Jordan Schmaltz from St. Louis in exchange for Andreas Borgman.
  11. Murby

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Wherein one conflates a political message with a message of safety for a group of individuals from an angry, racist, mob....
  12. Murby

    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Like seriously, who the fuck dislikes Trenni? She is pretty awesome.
  13. Murby

    Price is right

    It has become a synonym with "awesome", "exciting", or "eventful". For example: The party is gonna be lit.
  14. Murby

    Eduardo Nunez DFA'd Michael Silverman tweet - "Nunez was working on a $4M contract this year. He held an option for next year, also worth $4M, based on plate appearances, with a $2M buyout."...
  15. Murby

    2019 Trade Deadline

    If Wheeler is available, would Diaz also be available and be of interest to go after even if he's had a sub-par year for him? Buy low, hope for a bounce back?
  16. Murby

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    LOL - wait, Callahan hates firefighters?
  17. Murby

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Thanks for this. I think I've heard approximately 5 mins of the Hillman show a long time ago and I changed the channel. I didn't remember them being Republicans, but you're telling me it would be Callahan redux....why would EEI do that? Gah. No good options in the morning.
  18. Murby

    Has Mookie peaked?

    Agree with this. Especially given his refusal to agree to a deal after his down year in 2017. To me, he has made it abundantly clear he is betting on himself and taking himself to market unless you knock him over with an obscene offer (read: $35-40M per year), which even if he was the player he...
  19. Murby

    NHL Offseason Non-Bruins Trade/FA Rumors

    Oh for the Bruins? Heck no. I was saying if I were any team I probably wouldn't. I was just pondering if I had an owner that demanded I go after one of them, I would give up the 4 picks and money for Marner over just money for Duchene. I think the divide is that big. Sorry my reply wasn't clear.
  20. Murby

    NHL Offseason Non-Bruins Trade/FA Rumors

    especially with the cap where it's likely going to stay for the next two seasons, but would rather pay marner than duchene and it's not even close