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  1. Robbie Rayzor

    Alex Anthopoulos has left the Blue Jays

    As the idiot know-nothing that let Jonah Hill leave the organization. What a fucking legacy.
  2. Robbie Rayzor

    ALDS Game Thread

    See, we don't have race riots so throwing shit on a baseball field and burning cars after a series loss is a way that the constabulary get to try out all those SWAT tactics they practice....
  3. Robbie Rayzor

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Can you imagine the gambling implications if this were even remotely true?!?!?! There is no way Vegas would allow this to happen....
  4. Robbie Rayzor

    Manny Machado, Malicious Menace.

    Total bush league, bullshit move and Machado hitting Norris in the head is worse than the bat throw (as hard as that is to believe). One thing is certain-this dickhead can be easily taken off his game with some inside heat and he should be thrown at consistently....I foresee a memorable meltdown...