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  1. The Last DiMaggio

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Babe Ruth. While I wasn't alive at the time I was told for many years it was the reason we couldn't win. Nomar by a lot.
  2. The Last DiMaggio

    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Maybe Pedroia in 2004.
  3. The Last DiMaggio

    Thank You CC Sabathia

    I saw him start the 2000 Hall of Fame game at Doubleday field in Cooperstown. There was so-much anticipation about the potential for this kid. He lived up to it, and more. I also caught the first home-run in the Home Run Derby that day, but I digress. Class act, CC.
  4. The Last DiMaggio

    AUCTION ITEM: Delcarmen Mitt (Game Used)

    Do you have a photo of the glove you could share?
  5. The Last DiMaggio

    Who has seen a triple play?

    I was at the taping of the Triple Play in the Odd Couple movie. it was taped before a regularly scheduled game between the Mets and the Pirates. The Pirates also got caught batting out of order that day -- something I've never seen in person again. During the top of the ninth inning of a Mets...
  6. The Last DiMaggio

    Baseball and Japan / US relations

    It looks like the Catcher Was a Spy will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival in January. The NYT has it as one of six films to watch at the Festival.
  7. The Last DiMaggio

    Triple Plays

    I was at the game at Shea Stadium on June 27, 1967 when they filmed a triple play for the movie The Odd Couple. During the game the Pirates were caught batting out of order, which is probably another rarity. My parents took me to the movie the following Summer and the scene flashed so quickly...
  8. The Last DiMaggio

    Indelible or Favorite Moment in Boston Sports?

    Ted Williams being honored at the 1999 All-Star Game.
  9. The Last DiMaggio

    One season or fewer: your favorite short-term Red Sox.

    Rollie Fingers. My real answer is Dave Roberts.
  10. The Last DiMaggio

    2016 Season Photo Thread

    Sitting still -- what are the specs on your Cuevas photo -- ISO, shutter speed, is that all the way out to 400mm? Do you shoot mostly using the manual mode? I have aspirations to shoot a picture like that...
  11. The Last DiMaggio

    8/11 MiLB Gameday: Spinners in the AM

    The second Benintendi homerun was an especially impressive shot over the left field fence.
  12. The Last DiMaggio

    Carolina Mudcats (great name) team bus flips after Salem Red Sox game

    Agree this could have been really bad. Thankfully, it wasn't. Mudcat wrote a book: The Black Aces: Baseball's only African-American Twenty-game winners (13 at the time of writing in 2007). I met him in Cooperstown -- a super nice guy.
  13. The Last DiMaggio

    Underrated Superbowl Moments

    Watched the fourth quarter again last night -- maybe small, but Seattle burned their first time-out after an incomplete pass and a stopped clock.  
  14. The Last DiMaggio

    Kevin Youkilis retires...

    His fielding percentage as a first baseman is pretty crazy...9974.
  15. The Last DiMaggio

    Jeter: The Final Weekend

    Isn't that what Ted Williams did in 1960 -- finished at Fenway and either didn't make the trip to Yankee Stadium or didn't play during the final weekend?  I think Jeter will choose to play.
  16. The Last DiMaggio

    SoSH Photos from Fenway 2013

    I was looking at my Playoff photos.  The Ortiz, Victorino and Gomes Home Runs receive justifiable love, but this moment was pretty sweet too.  
  17. The Last DiMaggio

    Hall of Fame balloting

    Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine