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  1. CoffeeNerdness

    Rocco Baldelli: new Twins manager.

    FOX 9 Sports @Fox9Sports Sources tell @Fox9Sports that the #mntwins will hire Rocco Baldelli as their new manager tomorrow afternoon at a press conference at Target Field. Good for Rocco!
  2. CoffeeNerdness

    I've got a new sensation: David Price's hand

    So, lost in the brawl is the David Price situation where he left the game with "sensations" in his pitching hand. Right from the first pitch he didn't seem right. He did get a bit squeezed by the umps, but also couldn't hit the broad side of the barn. The cutter to Sanchez, which JD is still...
  3. CoffeeNerdness

    Alcohol and Athletes; Gronk's injuries in a 16 oz can

    Gronk grow up. Gronk change diet.
  4. CoffeeNerdness

    No more homefield advantage decided by the ASG?

    Finally one of the dumbest overreactions to a singular tie game in a meaningless exhibition will be going away. Hopefully. Good on Manfred.
  5. CoffeeNerdness

    2016 Edelman Thread: Shaky Footings

    Didn't see this anywhere on the board (surprising) but I thought it was worth a thread. Given his history of foot problems and that it's a mid-week add to the injury report has me a bit concerned. Reiss followed up the initial Tweet saying he "Looked great" in the 10 minutes the media had access...