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  1. CoffeeNerdness

    8/7 - Raps

    Is Kanter out? Timelord looks great.
  2. CoffeeNerdness

    8/5 - Nets

    This is painful "Make it so." - Jean Luc Picard
  3. CoffeeNerdness

    Have you ever seen....and would it bother you if...

    Teams could run plays to avoid getting fouled in late game situation, maybe. Team A is inbounding and Team B wants to foul. Team A inbounds into the front court and their receiving player hits another player- who's lost their man- in the backcourt wherr they are able to burn much more time.
  4. CoffeeNerdness

    8/4 Celtics vs. Heat

    They're actually fantastic uniforms. The Celtics 'generic Irish pub in the middle of Allston' uniforms on the other hand are dumpster tier.
  5. CoffeeNerdness

    8/2 Celts vs. Blazers

    A Tale of Two Tatums.
  6. CoffeeNerdness

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    Happy with how the team played despite some down showings from Tatum etc. Soft batch refs got swayed by a digital crowd.
  7. CoffeeNerdness

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    The year of the nut shot continues unabated.
  8. CoffeeNerdness

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    Kemba limited to 15-20 mins after all this time off. Hmmmm.
  9. CoffeeNerdness

    Don't take me out to the ballgame - Mets and Red Sox 07/29

    Squating on top of two five gallon buckets?
  10. CoffeeNerdness

    Covid and MLB

    View: Chi Sox are another team to keep an eye on.
  11. CoffeeNerdness

    Covid and MLB

    Should advocating for bars being open "go well", or is a batshit idea that leads to more Floridas, Texas, and Georgias?
  12. CoffeeNerdness

    Covid and MLB

    Can you provide any amount of details to your post such as a link or even a name?
  13. CoffeeNerdness

    Covid and MLB

    This is your second post in this thread splashing cold water on the notion that the team that calls the world's biggest COVID hot spot home may not have gotten the virus in the world's COVID epicenter. Any particular reason why?
  14. CoffeeNerdness

    Covid and MLB

    I haven't watched much of the other sports but the MLB players clearly haven't been taking this seriously. Limited mask use, spitting, no masking/distance in the dugout, pig piling after walk-offs, etc.
  15. CoffeeNerdness

    Opening day: 3/26/20 . . . ummm 7/24/20

    If you told me in January that in late July the Sox would be cruising to a share of first place by beating on the O's I would have been a bit skeptical.
  16. CoffeeNerdness

    Opening day: 3/26/20 . . . ummm 7/24/20

    Ernie Boch Jr. is going to be extra lit since he won't have to drive home.
  17. CoffeeNerdness

    7/23: Young King Cole FINALLY Comes To Town

    Is the home team allowed to crank the noise in big situations?
  18. CoffeeNerdness

    Spring Training

    Hope these games don't represent the level of production that NESN will be putting into the games that count.