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  1. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Hub Fans Bid Rod Eat Mitt

    July 24, 2004. Never forget. Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a revenue-generator. Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus, like the outside of a nearly-ripe avocado. It was built in 1912 and rebuilt in 1934, and offers, as do most Boston artifacts, a...
  2. Bernie Carbohydrate

    RIP Eddie Kasko

    The recent death of former Red Sox manager (and longtime Red Sox employee) Eddie Kasko moves me to share the story of his firing. Kasko had replaced Dick Williams in 1970, and inherited what was left of the Impossible Dream team. He still had Yaz, Boomer Scott, and (post-beaning) Tony C to...
  3. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Pick the better Piersall

    Jimmy Piersall's memoir, Fear Strikes Out, was twice filmed. In 1955 it was made into a TV movie, with Piersall played by Tab Hunter, he of "Operation Bikini" and a bunch of 70's TV episodes. In 1957 it was made into the more famous theatrical film, starring Anthony "Psycho" Perkins: We...
  4. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Soup Goes to Nam

    Few fans know about the military record of Bill "Soup" Campbell, a terrific reliever for the late-70's Sox. Campbell served as a radioman in the 101st Airborne (1968-1969), joined the Twins in 1970, and signed with the Red Sox as a free agent in 1976 for what was considered a pricey $1 million...
  5. Bernie Carbohydrate

    F*** Jordan With Oakley's Walking Stick: The Best Celtics Shooting Guards

    Bill Sharman: Ten seasons with the Green, shot over .400 from the field in an era when that made you a sharpshooter, led the Celtics in scoring three times, put up a career .883 from the charity stripe (again, in the 1950's, when 70% was excellent free-throw shooting, was an absolute stud in...
  6. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Tom Yawkey's Side Business

    The recent, uh, affair of Robert Kraft reminds me of one of Tom Yawkey's side businesses. A few years after he purchased the Red Sox in 1933, Yawkey bankrolled a whorehouse called "The Sunset Lodge" near his winter home in South Carolina. If you travel near Georgetown, SC, you encounter Tom...
  7. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Yankees Stallin' For a Tie

    Back in the .com days I had started a file of Red Soxiana for later stories. I'm dumping the ideas on the Main Board now, so as to serve your Covid isolation needs. For a bit I was fascinated by this game: July 5, 1958--The Tie. In 1958 New York City had put in a hard midnight curfew. The Sox...
  8. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Ye Olde Eephus Pitch

    Here's a fun one: There are some Youtube videos labelled "Eephus Pitch" but most of them are slow curves or knucklers. The proper Eeephus has a crazy apogee-- think 10-15 feet at its highest arc. Consider Dave LaRoche: And, alas, there was our own Spaceman Bill Lee, who uncorked an Eephus...
  9. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Pre-Pesky Pole, check out this RF player-killer

    In this image of Fenway from 1936, there's an angle of the stands jutting into foul territory. I wonder if any Sox RF (Dusty Cooke?) slammed into that oddity.
  10. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Bob Zupcic (and Other Bright Specks in the Firmament)

    Career OPS? 648! Career Defensive War? -.9! Last, alphabetically, on the all-time Red Sox player register (edging out 1940s hurler Bill Zuber), but first in our hearts on June 30, 1992.
  11. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Roenicke on the Hot Seat?

    I know it is early, but the manager's substitution patterns are nonsensical -- starting Plawecki against a hard-throwing lefty such as Means while Vaz plays 1B is Grady-level shit. It's not too early to wonder if Roenicke is in over his head. I also think the recent fisticuffs in the locker...
  12. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Bullpen Analytics and the Three-Batter Rule

    Looking at our expected bullpen, I wonder how the new Sox manager will adjust to the three-batter rule. This analysis by Paul Mammino (admittedly on 2015 data) suggests that there is a positive correlation between velocity and the number of runs a reliever saves his team per inning. Sure, we...
  13. Bernie Carbohydrate

    In Defense of All Frazees

    A century ago (January 16, 1920), this note appeared in the Bridgeport (Conn.) Times: From this came all kinds of misinformation about the legendary Harry Frazee. Frazee owned the Red Sox in 1918 -- a year they won the World Series -- but when he made a smart business decision a year later...
  14. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Hangover Seasons

    We're done, right? So how does the 2019 “hangover season” stack up with other hangover seasons? 2014: Sox went 71-91, last place, 25 games back. It’s okay if you erased the 2014 squad from your memory – the Carp-Nava-Sizemore outfield did not remind anyone of Rice-Lynn-Evans. By late July the...
  15. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Today is Morgan Magic Day -- Post Like You Want To Win

    It is July 10, 2019. On July 10, 1988, at the end of the All Star break, Walpole Joe Morgan took over as manager of an under-performing Sox nine and led them to the playoffs.That team was 43-42 at the break. We don't need a new manager -- Cora is no "Happy to be .500" McNamara -- but we must...
  16. Bernie Carbohydrate

    I Believe in Time Lord...Why Can't You?

    No one mourns Al Horford more than me. His intelligence, demeanor, lunch-pail ethic, ability to make Embiid look like a chump -- these will all be missed. But by God I see the words "Enes Kanter" and "could be a fit" bandied around this joint .... and, well, a feller has to take a stand. Time...
  17. Bernie Carbohydrate

    Pitching Staff Working Conditions?

    I was reading up, trying to figure out the issue with the Sox pitching staff, and I noticed a potential problem. There are issues between Ryan Weber and Brandon Workman. Weber says that capitalism is "the systematic robbery of what is necessary for the life of the Workman while he is at work...
  18. Bernie Carbohydrate

    On the 2015 SoSH Banner

          Banner, when from the top of SoSH is ripped,       The ending of another bitter season,       The page below? The search for losing’s reason--      April faces cast down, with every post that’s writ;    And Pedey, right, once shouting how to hit       Now seems to be crying, his mouth an...
  19. Bernie Carbohydrate

    The 2014 Sox: A Re-Diagnosis

    We've tried to explain them with numeracy (look at X's dWar!) and psychology (how dare Nava complain!).  But we've grown so arrogant in our knowledge, so smug in the tools of modern baseball diagnosis we've missed the wisdom of ages past.  And since this front office and this coaching staff came...
  20. Bernie Carbohydrate

    New Yawkey Letter?

    My cousin Sean is an attorney doing some work on for the Yawkey estate.  He says he found this in a pile of documents to be shredded. If this is authentic, it could change our understanding of the early days of the sabr movement and allow us to revise the "Moneyball" narrative.   Help me, SoSH!