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  1. AlNipper49

    Optimally Upgrade/Replace RAID 5

    Looking at what you are using then cost is likely a concern. If you want massive storage with the benefits of SSD then there are many reasonable options which will use traditional spindle drives but use a SSD for cache. If you have an Active Directory then DFS is super mature and is probably...
  2. AlNipper49

    2020 MiLB Season cancelled

    I guess it was only a matter of time but just made official. I’m not sure that I would have gone*, but it’s a bummer either way. * in 48 hours I’ll have deluded myself into thinking that I would have gone to 20+ games
  3. AlNipper49

    2020 Pats: Welcome to Camelot

    I don't think so. Stidham could have been drafted first overall and you'd still want some level of non-Hoyer insurance kicking around. Mind you, given the cap, I was fine with that. However I feel about Newton there is no downside to this and I don't think that it reflected on Stidham...
  4. AlNipper49

    2020 Pats: QB Edition

    Cam thread here
  5. AlNipper49

    2020 Pats: Welcome to Camelot

    He;'s probably my least-liked non-Jets player in the past ten years. Atleast this season will be a bit more interesting!
  6. AlNipper49

    Would you feel safe attending a game at Fenway tonight?

    I prefer the coronavirus to this.
  7. AlNipper49

    Would you feel safe attending a game at Fenway tonight?

    I'd not go for about the same reasons as I barely went before - it's not worth the damn trouble. Same goes for flying - I don't mind the actual flying but I deathly hate the process of driving to the airport, going through security, waiting around like a jackass for an hour, possible delays...
  8. AlNipper49

    MVP of 2004 Postseason

    Unless we're talking about 2013 Ortiz. I think that Ortiz was the MVP. Foulke was the guy throwing himself on the mine in the WW2 movies. He was the hero. Schilling was the magic, what he did in the bloody sock was one of the great moments in baseball lore. Lowe was the comeback kid, a guy...
  9. AlNipper49

    Broken images

    Many images will be broken for a bit - they're stored on Amazon and Amazon is having a really crappy day for everyone, not just us.
  10. AlNipper49

    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    Then wait for the thread to be moved. As of this moment, it’s not.
  11. AlNipper49

    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    Only one warning - politics in V&N and if you want to discuss politics on the public there are other sites for it.
  12. AlNipper49

    What do the Pats do at 23?

    I would pay $500 an episode to have a reality show of Belichick just sitting at his kitchen table.
  13. AlNipper49

    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    If you are a NP then you should check out
  14. AlNipper49

    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    Already gone. Damn that’s hilarious
  15. AlNipper49

    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    do you guys think that Flores twirls the cord on his phone will chatting with his coworkers?
  16. AlNipper49

    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    How do the Lions not trade down a few picks. NYG and MIA are not going CB.
  17. AlNipper49

    2020 Patriots Draft Prospects

    That chart is FUCKING AWESOME.
  18. AlNipper49

    AirPod Pros

    They do
  19. AlNipper49

    AirPod Pros

    While this would be awkward for this particular application, don't sleep on Siri listening to them. It's super useful.
  20. AlNipper49

    I Hate These Mieces to Pieces

    I've been in computers for almost 35 years now and random jumping mice are one of the hardest problems to diagnose. Can be video-related, OS-related or anything really. I just had a personal machine having a stuttering mouse issue which ended up being related to a slowly-overheating cpu (an...