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  1. Soxy

    2020 Men's B-Ball Conference Tournament Gamethread

    May as well kick this off, as the madness starts Tuesday. My alma mater's Big South is one of the tournaments that starts on 3/3. My Winthrop Eagles started off 12-0 in conference, but faltered down the stretch, going 3-3 in their last six games. As a result, Radford (shout out to Javonte...
  2. Soxy

    Jerry Richardson puts Panthers up for sale

    That didn't take long:
  3. Soxy

    2017 Vids, Pics, Audio, and Tweets Thread

    This gif from Madden is amazing. Please photoshop into even greater awesomeness. TIA
  4. Soxy

    The state of NFL refereeing

    This has been a hot button topic here lately, but it really stood out to me that three of the current top stories on's NFL page concern officiating:   NFL: Refs erred at end of Redskins-Giants   Cards sent plays to NFL: 'Obvious problems'   Munchak: NFL says officials wrong 3 times   I...