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  1. Toe Nash

    The catch-all Seguin trade thread (all Seguin trade posts will be moved here)

    Eh, didn't seem to bother the Kings from demoting Richards and terminating his deal over some bullshit. Or the Leafs who sent down Komisarek after he was no longer any good (probably a good comparison here). Or the Rangers who sent down Redden. Or the Ducks who demoted Heatley. These guys were...
  2. Toe Nash

    Red Sox sign Cuban infielder Yoilan Cerce   from McAdam ( Signing bonus was supposedly minimal and he obviously wasn't subject to the usual Cuban bidding process or international FA bonus...
  3. Toe Nash

    The groundball strategy and Bogaerts' fielding

    I would love the groundballers strategy if I had more confidence in Bogaerts. But unless he takes enormous steps forward, you're greatly curtailing the advantage by having at best an average defender at the most important position, even if they are good to great everywhere else. He had better hit.