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  1. bsj

    2020 Pats: Who's Out? NE Opt-Outs

    Felt like it would be easier to find w/ a dedicated thread. We are losing some key players. As an aside I dont blame a single one of them. Here's the list, so far. Donta' Hightower Marcus Cannon (hope Cam brought his wheels) Danny Vitale Brandon Bolden Najee Toran (not someone I am super...
  2. bsj

    Former Patriots WR Reche Caldwell Shot & Killed in FL Was only with the Pats for one season in 2006, but that was easily the best season of his career.
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    Look, great kickers don't tend to be available off the street, so I am under no allusions he will not have his bad moments, but I was much more comfortable watching him kick today than I felt with Nugent. Seems to have a bit more leg too. Did a good job today.
  4. bsj

    2019 Playoff Seeding and Home Field Advantage Watch

    Yes it’s early. I don’t care. As if this morning New England is effectively 2 games clear of the field, and I’m digging it. Meat of the schedule to come though....assuming they can handle the Jets, next 6 games are against teams that can pose potential problems.
  5. bsj

    Single Game Tickets?

    Has anyone heard anything about when single game tickets will go on sale this year? As a wait lister, ive typically gotten access in late June/early July ahead of the general sale, but they seem to have gone away with that or something as it never happened this year? Has anyone heard anything?
  6. bsj

    2019 NFL Draft Round 1 Game Thread - PLEASE BREAK SPOILERS HERE

    I happen to love beating the scripted drama that is the telecast so if you all see a spoiler, PLEASE DO break it here. The CBS reporters like LaCanfora will be the best bet
  7. bsj

    2019 Syracuse Football

    It's early for this but I am pretty juiced up. I bought season tickets even though I live in NJ (hoping to get to at least 3 games including Clemson and BC) and they are working overtime to push sales for Clemson towards what will likely be the closest thing to a sellout since the late 90s...
  8. bsj

    Porzingis accused of rape in New York

    Dallas Mavericks forward Kristaps Porzingis is being investigated in New York for an alleged rape that a woman told police took place last year, according to a New York Post report. Cuban says Mavs know about it but...
  9. bsj

    Ex-Pat Ryan Allen Still Not Signed

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 9m9 minutes ago The #Patriots are re-signing punter Ryan Allen, source said. The team’s punter since 2013 and a priority, Allen is back in the fold for 2019.
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    Joe Kelly suffered a back injury while standing too long cooking cajun food.
  11. bsj

    Ty Law Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Outstanding. One of the first modern shut down corners. Very happy for him! Part of a truly oustanding class.
  12. bsj

    WR depth chart post Flash's fizzle...

    Edelman Hogan Dorsett Patterson Slater That's all folks. Too late in the season to even consider adding anyone off the streets. I gotta think we will see a little more Dwayne Allen as well as some more 2 RB sets with White lining up in a slot position. Damoun Patterson is on the practice squad...
  13. bsj

    Anyone know when opening day tickets go on sale?

    Red Sox announced that "select single game tickets" go on sale Saturday. That USUALLY means early season, spring games. But does that include opening day? Planning a trip up for that one.
  14. bsj

    Sunday Night Baseball Games to start 1 hour earlier in 2019

    Big fan of this. Now if only we could get postseason and World Series games on the same schedule. Link:
  15. bsj

    Leicester City Owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Dies in Helicopter Crash

    Took off from the pitch and crashed in a parking lot outside stadium. Awful.
  16. bsj

    The Linebackers

    Edelman and Gordon are going to bolster the WR corps, but one area that I am tremendously concerned about is the LB corps. Hightower seems to have gotten really slow really quickly, and beyond that, we don't seem to have any playmakers back there. Van Noy is a nice backup or role player, but...
  17. bsj

    2018 Syracuse Football

    There are at least a few alums here. Surprised there isn't a thread yet. Big win today. Not so much in that FSU is elite right now, because they are clearly struggling. But it was a dominating conference win over an opponent that, pre-season, looked like a likely L. Now the team has a chance to...
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    What are the chances the Pats kick the tires on LaFell? He always seemed a good fit here, and clicked with TB12. He's on the street and we are WR needy. Seems too make more sense than Dez to be honest.
  19. bsj

    LeSean McCoy goes full Ray Rice

    A graphic instagram post contains some very damning accusations including a photo of the brutal assault on his girlfriend, as well as accusations be beat his dog into kidney failure. If these photos are true, he's done.
  20. bsj

    2018 NFL Draft Day 3 Game Thread (you got spoilers? we got spoilers!)

    IS this the day we go after a QB (Steelers got a steak in Rudolph in Rd 3 FWIW).... Gotta think a LB at some point very soon...