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  1. JShams

    Bruins vs. Tampa Bay - Game 4

    Cassidy needs to blow up an official.
  2. JShams

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    This is the truth.
  3. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Carolina was just ahead of the curve in skipping the NCAA tournament over coronavirus fears.
  4. JShams

    2/4 Canucks @ B’s

    This is correct.
  5. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Never thought Brandon Robinson would be so missed.
  6. JShams

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Thank goodness, because the rest of this team looks quite mediocre.
  7. JShams

    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    I have friend at the game who confirmed and shared video of this as well.
  8. JShams

    College Football Week 5 Game Thread

    It looked like Crawford was hurt on the play before the Clemson TD. He’s by far their best lineman, if he was done for the game the decision is even easier.
  9. JShams

    College Football Week 5 Game Thread

    edit double post
  10. JShams

    College Football Week 5 Game Thread

    Totally disagree. I was all in on going for it at midfield.
  11. JShams

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    I was ambivalent about who won this series, but now, fuck Toronto you low class fucks.
  12. JShams

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    Kampfer needs to Kadri Tarasenko
  13. JShams

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    Injure someone
  14. JShams

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    Agree. If someone took run at Tarasenko or O’reilly I think a lot of this shit stops.
  15. JShams

    Game 5 - Bruins v. Blues

    Who is the clown on NBC sports Boston with the Kenny G hair? He said perron’s interference shouldn’t have been a penalty. Has this guy ever watched a fucking hockey game before?
  16. JShams

    Game 4 - Bruins @ Blues

    Get your money’s worth if you’re going to go high.
  17. JShams

    Game 3 - Bruins @ Blues

    Suck it.
  18. JShams

    Game 3 - Bruins @ Blues

    Beers on radio is saying it’s becausr edmundson touched the puck and brought it into zone
  19. JShams

    4/23 - Bruins vs Maple Leafs

    Is anyone paying attention? They skated with six for about 10 seconds.
  20. JShams

    Syracuse Basketball 2018-19: WTF

    This isn't getting enough love. Well played.