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  1. DJnVa

    ECF Game 3--MARCUS

    I'm not doing "breaking the rules" thing here. I'm doing a "burying the ball" thing. We are on to Game 3. This team has arrived, by many measures, a year early. But that doesn't mean we should just accept making the ECF and come back at them next year--the whole "happy to be here" bullshit is...
  2. DJnVa

    NBA 20/21 start pushed until at least Xmas

  3. DJnVa

    EPL Fantasy 20/21

    We're missing a lot of regulars--not sure if they haven't checked the thread. GET IN!
  4. DJnVa

    Game 3: Celtics vs. Raptors: The World According to Smart

    Do not let them off the mat.
  5. DJnVa

    Game 1: Celtics vs. Raptors: Age of Extinction!

    (Ignoring the elephant in the room) I mean, Raptors are dead. WTF?
  6. DJnVa

    NBA Offseason

    Maybe a catch-all thread for the things that don't quite yet deserve their own thread. Buddy Hield on the way out? This article posits the Sixers (for Harris and Parker also coming east).
  7. DJnVa

    Game 4: Celtics vs. Sixers: Get Smart!

    No let up.
  8. DJnVa

    Game 3: Celtics vs. Sixers: Kemba Time!

  9. DJnVa

    Game 2: Celtics vs. Sixers: Win it for Gordo

    No let up.
  10. DJnVa

    GAME 1: Celtics vs. Sixers: The Rise of Tatum

    It's time.
  11. DJnVa

    8/4 Celtics vs. Heat

    Got some hurricane damage to clean up and no power, so basic thread here. Hope power restored before tipoff.
  12. DJnVa

    8/2 Celts vs. Blazers

    Tatum going OFF today. Game is on ABC.
  13. DJnVa

    2020 Pats: The Training Camp

    Cam is here and excited. View:
  14. DJnVa

    Will MLB make it to postseason without stoppage?

    Discussion in other thread, just vote.
  15. DJnVa

    7/28 vs. Mets: Who are these guys?

    View: Thanks for idea @genoasalami Embrace the suck!
  16. DJnVa

    Tottenham Hotspur 20/21: WE GOT ALEX MORGAN!

    So a full season of Jose Mourinho, who, from the point he took over in November, led Tottenham to 44 points in 25 games, behind only Liverpool and Man City, and even with ManU (who played 1 less game). That pace would put them at 67 for a full season, good enough for 3rd this year. Things to...
  17. DJnVa

    Random baseball stories there's no real thread for

    A couple major leaguers playing beer league softball--Kevin Mitchell, John Kruk, and Randy Ready
  18. DJnVa

    POLL: New uniforms

    Just a quick vote on the new threads--lots of opinions in other thread, just wonder where we come down as a group. There are so many variables, but I tried to keep the choices easy. If one doesn't accurately convey your thoughts, pick the closest.
  19. DJnVa

    Who's the Patriots QB this season?

    Stidham? Draft pick? FA? What're we thinking? I'm in the "pay no one big money" boat, but I can be swayed.