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    Pedroia has "significant setback with his left knee"

    And in this scenario, since he's officially retired, he could join the coaching staff. We could use some of his leadership.
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    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    I live in DC, and was at tonight's game. (I always decline to wave my cap for that song - which they play every game in the 4th or 5th inning - just because the song is so god-awful. Anyway, I went to Boston this summer for the time since the Manny-K-Rod game in '07, to introduce my 6 year old...
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    In the Caps defense (re penalty), the refs (and I've read, the National Broadcast) missed a clear 4 minute high-sticking against Carolina in the 2nd. Jensen came off with a bloody face. (The DC station showed it, NBCSN did not.)
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    Uhhh ... yup. Clearly Delay of Game.
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    Fuck, the Caps look awful.
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    Ovy has tormented him. But he does have 3 goals and 3 assists in the series.
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    2018 Washington Nationals Thread: NLCS Bound and Down...

    As Sox fans, we should be thankful we didn't have to face him in the middle of that order. As a Nats, my feelings will be dependent on future events - if we resign him and he is therefore a Nat for most/all of his career - I'm good. If we can't resign him I'll wish we'd traded him.
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    The World Series and Me

    This is great! Fantastic dedication, jungleboy!
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    Gold Glove finalists announced

    I remember Odor being kind of a disaster at 2B, and this year he had 11 DRS. Good for him.
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    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    2013 - The bombings, the awful 2012 making 2013 so unexpected, the personality of the team - Victorino, Gomes, Napoli, Koji, plus Pedroia healthy all season. And PAPI! I love that team. Plus, my daughter was 10 months old at the time, so while she wouldn't have any idea what was going on...
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    Joe Posnanski: your new Senior Writer for SI (Not No More, He Ain't)

    "Some guys really earning their pinstripes" had me in stitches. Great episode!
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    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    The Brewers bullpen ace, though, does have some issues of his own that make him a perfectly hateable villain.
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    2018 Stanley Cup Final- Sin City vs. Vegas

    Being in this city right now is a fucking blast. Saturday all downtown bars were packed with LOOONGGG lines. My wife and I were lucky (ok, a little smart, too) to find one about 5-6 blocks from the arena and get in before the lines began, then got a seat at the bar when someone attending the...
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    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    Schmidt apologized. And did it pretty well. Your turn, Jerry!
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    Is Washington, DC now the most cursed sports city in America?

    The Caps are just reaching ridiculous levels now. Personally, if they had lost in Game 5, I'd have called them "pathetic," and moved on to baseball season. But taking it to Game 7 and blowing it with that weak-ass showing hurt so much more. As for other sports, I think I'm pretty...
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    East semis

    Man, I'd love to think so!
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    Race and the Red Sox

    Interesting piece by Doug Glanville.
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    Your least favorite TWO YEAR Red Sox player

    Is it maximum 2 years, minimum 2 years, or exactly 2 years? Renteria was only here 1 year, so unless it's the "maximum," (seems unlikely, but I'm not the OP), he wouldn't qualify. I fucking hate Mike Lansing more than Lugo, Wells, Lackey and Crawford combined. And I hate Wil Cordero more than...
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    Scoring in the NHL - And how freaking good was Gretzky?

    I love Gretzky and think it's pretty clear he's the best of all time. But there's a great quote from Gordie Howe that goes something like this: "You put 5 Bobby Orrs on the ice against 5 Wayne Gretzkys or 5 Gordie Howes, and the Orrs win every time."