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  1. Sox Puppet

    2018 Players' Weekend Nicknames

    Anticipating the games two weekends from now, has just posted the list here (for reference, here are last year's). Since we care most about the Sox' names, I'll post them below. I'm kind of partial to "Late Lightning" (Steve Pearce) and "Cabezon" (Hector Velazquez - a.k.a. Big Head)...
  2. Sox Puppet

    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    Rumors have been swirling all year around the Kawhi Leonard situation in SA, and it only looks like they're getting worse. It's starting to seem like a fait accompli that he'll be out of there next year, and I'm sure every team in the league would jump at a chance to acquire him (or would they...