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  1. dynomite

    2020 Tompa Bay: Trouble in Paradise?

    Exactly how I feel. He spent 20 years not just playing for my favorite team but establishing himself as the greatest of all time, leading them to the history we all remember: 6 -- SIX! -- Super Bowl championships, unprecedented success, and a number of the most thrilling games in the history of...
  2. dynomite

    2020 Tompa Bay: Trouble in Paradise?

    Agree with this. It felt the argument ended when Brady led the comeback against the Seahawks for his 4th, then it was buried forever after the comeback against the Falcons for his 5th. The insane performance against the Eagles followed by winning his 6th against the Rams was like Jordan’s Game 6...
  3. dynomite

    2020 NFL: Wk.2 Game Thread

    Not sure why I remember this game so clearly, but my favorite will always be in 2018 when the Chargers pulled out a 29-28 win in KC to match the Chiefs at 11-3. Chargers were down 28-14 with 4 mins left, and after scoring with :04 left instead of going to OT they went for 2 and got it. Awesome...
  4. dynomite

    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is HISTORICALLY bad)

    Agreed on the first, disagreed on the second. I wouldn't be surprised if Bush is fired or moved into a different role after fielding one of the worst pitching staffs in MLB history. It won't be entirely fair given the carousel of hot dog vendors taking the mound and the injuries, but even the...
  5. dynomite

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Exactly right. It’s the central thesis of Dr. Ibram Kendi’s — newly installed as the head of a new Center in this field at BU — landmark book “How to Be An Antiracist.” His whole point is that typically white people try to cover their passivity in response to racism by saying merely “Well, I’m...
  6. dynomite

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    Agreed. Makes no sense. The Sox need to add starting pitching, not rid themselves of it. He’s already on the roster, and his name is Michael Chavis.
  7. dynomite

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Thanks for posting. Just had a nice conversation with her and explained that I wouldn’t be watching any more games until Brasier is disciplined or off the team. She said the organization is tracking all this feedback and passing it along. In politics, which I know much better, that is the case...
  8. dynomite

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    Totally agreed. I'll repost this from a few days ago:
  9. dynomite

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    I haven't watched a single pitch since Braiser's incident and I won't be until he's off the team. The Red Sox organization has a lot to answer for -- sure, they can't change the past, but they certainly can learn from it. They can't change the fact that they were shamefully the last team to...
  10. dynomite

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Completely agreed with a lot of you here. For the first time in my entire life I’m contemplating whether I can in good faith watch the Red Sox game tonight. This organization is deeply and painfully disappointing me this week.
  11. dynomite

    8/28 - 3 days until deadline, 4 days until tax reset

    C'mon Vaz, boost that trade value.
  12. dynomite

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    The Red Sox need to get things together here and quickly. Their decision to play on Wednesday continues to look worse, and I’m not impressed with their handling of JBJ -- it seemed like they made him shoulder the burden of speaking for the entire organization, without having Roenicke and another...
  13. dynomite

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    These are good points. I guess ultimately if the question is how to quickly restock some top tier pitching prospects in the Red Sox system, the answer is you have to give up something to get something. Yes, Vazquez is a nice player on a great contract. But with the Sox newfound financial...
  14. dynomite

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    The Athletic reporting the Rays are interested in Christian Vazquez, and the Sox are investigating their pitching prospects. This was the potential match Over the Monster suggested a few days ago, and makes a lot of sense for both sides. 1) The Rays have the 2nd best record in the AL and...
  15. dynomite

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    So who are we still expecting to get dealt? - Pillar - JBJ - Barnes? - Moreland? - Martin Perez? - JD Martinez?? - Vazquez?? Chad Finn had a quick column about whether we should trade Benintendi and said no (selling low and all that). Over the Monster has a good podcast breakdown of the...
  16. dynomite

    2020 Pats: The Training Camp

    I'll start by admitting I didn't watch nearly enough Panthers games to say anything intelligent about Cam’s relationship with his WR corps — which explains why I’m hesitant to even comment here — but I remember there were a bunch of big WRs on that roster over the years. Not just Kelvin...
  17. dynomite

    July/August game thread

    162 game pace for 118 wins and nothing about it looks fluky. They’re already +80 in run differential. That team is a monster. It feels like it would be a 2001 Mariners-esque upset if they don’t at least make the World Series... y’know if there is one.
  18. dynomite

    8-23. Believe in Godley?

    I don't understand it, but Cora was a huge fan of this as well. Vaz DHed 11 times and started at 1B 7 times last season. Even last season his OPS+ was only 103 -- better than the alternatives, but not exactly eye popping.
  19. dynomite

    Thank you Brock Holt (signs with Brewers, now with Nats, got 1 AB at Fenway on 8/29)

    Also, I feel like some contending team with injuries/position players who could use late-inning defensive replacements (the A's? the White Sox? the Padres?) might take a shot once he passes through waivers.