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  1. NomarsFool

    Will he stay or will he go now? Kanter opt-in or out thread

    My $0.02: I think Kanter enjoyed his time on this team, but I think he also sees the writing on the wall. I believe his role next season will be even less than it was this year, which leaves him with little opportunity for a decent contract after next season. His best financial move is to go to...
  2. NomarsFool

    2020 Celtics Scrimmage Thread

    It was fun to watch Celtics basketball again. I thought the overall presentation of the game was great, and I didn't think it felt odd at all. I was a little surprised they didn't do more with different camera angles - as now they have no fans, they could have cameras everywhere without...
  3. NomarsFool

    Mookie Betts 2020 FA Watch

    Putting aside the question of whether it makes sense to invest $400 million in any one player, this thread is dedicated to reading the tea leaves on where Mookie will sign as a free agent towards the end of this year. In analyzing the Sox' ~$300 million offer to Mookie Betts, I see three...
  4. NomarsFool

    Streaming Celtics games?

    Anyone have any experience with services for streaming Celtics games? A friend of mine tried the NBA league pass and was really frustrated. He told me they had different camera angles. I'm not looking for something too expensive, just occasionally while traveling it's a bummer to miss the...
  5. NomarsFool

    Four first round picks for... Justise Winslow?? (Ainge's drafting record)

    I certainly agree that Ainge is above average, but it's interesting how much different his legacy would have been if Charlotte had been smart enough to accept Ainge's offer of 6 draft picks, including 4 future first rounders for the rights to draft Justice Winslow. If not for Charlotte, that...
  6. NomarsFool

    What might a Patriots 'reset' look like?

    I'm starting to come around to the very real possibility that Tom Brady will be playing elsewhere next season. If he wants to be paid ~$25 million next season, I don't see how the Patriots do that and retool their roster the way they need to. If Brady leaves, I don't see the point in paying ~$15...
  7. NomarsFool

    Celtics 20-21 Roster Construction

    I know it's of course super early, but I think it's interesting to think about who the Celtics should be looking at for playing time over the rest of this season, as they will have some interesting decisions to make. In the upcoming draft, the Celtics have: Our own pick, call it #29 or so :-)...
  8. NomarsFool

    MLB Floats Idea of Eliminating 42 Minor League Teams Lowell Spinners are on the list. They have been mentioned as becoming part of the new "Dream League" which seems just like another independent league, more or less. I think there are some...
  9. NomarsFool

    Small ball - Can the Celtics win it all with this strategy?

    This topic has come up a lot in a number of other threads, so I thought it might be interesting to have a separate question. This Celtics team is super exciting and fun to watch (albeit a little less so for the next 6 weeks). Having a lot of players with fungible positions is super great in the...
  10. NomarsFool

    Red Sox Starting Pitching 2020

    So, the Red Sox have quite a lot of money tied up in their starters, most of whom performed pretty terribly in 2019. What is our prognosis? Unfortunate perfect storm of a bunch of collective down years? Or, a foreshadowing of dark days to come? Chris Sale : 5 year, $145 million contract...
  11. NomarsFool

    Grant Williams: breakout rookie?

    This seems like it could be one of the big battles for playing time on the roster. Semi has been a fan favorite for a few years now because of his legendary weight-room heroics. But, in my opinion, we are all still waiting for him to become the 3 and D player we thought he'd become (son of...
  12. NomarsFool

    POLL: What do with the Celtics' Cap-Space?

    I feel like one of the most important keys to success in the NBA is making sure NOT to have really bad contracts. So, I get a little bit nervous about the prospect of signing a max free agent that isn't an undisputed top 10-15 players in the NBA type of player.
  13. NomarsFool

    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    Giddy Up! Finally something to be excited about :)
  14. NomarsFool

    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    Al has a player option for $30.12 million that he has until June 18th to exercise, according to the Globe on 5/13. Horford was truly one of the Celtics best players this year, when he was able to play. The Celtics were certainly cautious with him throughout the season to keep him from getting...
  15. NomarsFool

    Question re: Kyrie's contract

    Is Kyrie unable to sign his super max extension now? Is he required by the CBA to wait until this summer?
  16. NomarsFool

    Xfinity - downloading shows to a tablet

    I'm thinking of getting Xfinity, and probably one of the primary reasons is for the ability to download a show to a tablet to take with you. My question is, does this service actually work as advertised? Anything that they don't reveal such as: 1) It takes oodles of storage, so it only works...
  17. NomarsFool

    How do you do spoiler tags?

    How do you do spoiler tags?