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  1. EL Jeffe

    Mock away, you can mock away

    We're starting to get close to Draft Day, so I was curious to see some projections. One of the cooler innovations of the past year or two is the advent of mock draft machines. There's three that I know of: Fan Speak: I like Fan Speak...
  2. EL Jeffe

    2019 Patriots Draft - How'd They Do?

    I know the season isn't over yet, and this thread is better left for when it is, but screw it. I needed a diversion from thinking about the blown opportunity against Miami. So with that being said, I figured it would be interesting to hear the draft guru's take on the 2019 class one season out...
  3. EL Jeffe

    Bananas: Foster Cooked

    Per, DJ Foster was released and 6'3", 319lb DT Darius Kilgo was signed. Denver recently cut him and it would appear he'll be the Alan Branch replacement. Hopefully Foster makes it to the practice squad; he looked intriguing in the preseason even if he's not going to beat out Lewis...