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  1. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    College Football Week 15 Game Thread - Championship Weekend

    Why did it matter if the ball was bobbled as long as it never touched the ground?
  2. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    my first move was Google translate: Mother-fucker edit - in response to dirtynine
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    Scariest / Hardest looking NBA Players

    about 36. Born in January of '29, his last season was in '65 & was his only season with the Athletics
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    The Nation's Tears: Volume III

    Step back from the ledge, it's only 107 days (it's May, not June)
  5. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    2019 Patriots: Post-SB Roster Thread

    George Blanda is also out, at least from a look at just his last season (age 48). He completed a pass to 31 year old Pete Banaszak on 12/21/75 when KC visited Oakland but Brady and Watson would have that beat.
  6. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    A game like that would certainly lead to a lifetime of bellyaching from every non-Pats fan on the planet about how the refs missed a critical call, etc. I'm on Team Blowout, 42-0 or thereabouts. I would also like to see 3 separate obvious DPIs on the Rams to go uncalled, each of which is...
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    College Football Coaching Carousel

    Freeze is also a top candidate to take the OC position at Auburn and reportedly is also a candidate for Tennessee's OC job. A cynic might think that Freeze would use the reported offer from Liberty (Jerry Falwell's school) to ease concerns about his baggage and is actually gunning for an SEC job.
  8. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Modern Records That Won't Be Broken

    August 5-13: Kent Tekulve, then with the Phillies, pitching 9 days in a row. That's days (and also games). I don't see the circumstances of a pitcher with a low stress pitching style and schedule karma combining again in our lifetimes.
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    Did Nigerian keeper punt what should've been a goal kick?
  10. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Divisional Round Gamethread

    From that forum "So, do we play the Pats in hell or Haiti next week because I don't think we'll be allowed to play them in Foxborough since we lost today."
  11. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Wild Card Weekend Gamethread

    I was expecting Romo to make the "butt-bob" comment
  12. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Chelsea Favreau (daughter of SoSHers) Scholarship Fund

    Done. And, as others have said, thank you for setting this up.
  13. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    ESPN Is Pathetic

    Marty Glickman & Sam Stoller can attest that Avery Brundage was no saint so I guess we'll root for laundry...
  14. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Falcon's Fan First Concession Pricing

    From the ESPN story: "A source said the digital signage in the Chick-fil-A stand will be flipped when the stand is closed and it will be used by stadium concessionaire Levy to sell other nonbranded food and beverage items."
  15. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    The 16 Most Important People in the Patriots' Dynasty

    In ten years Jonathan Kraft will be on the list (kind of surprised that the Kraft entry isn't "Krafts"). And one can only hope that Garoppolo or Brissett is on here as well
  16. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    2016-17 Bundesliga Thread

    What a mess, the 1860 situation is an embarrassment. The only ones to (potentially) gain from this is SC Paderborn, the club that I follow. They have had the most precipitous fall that I can think of: in their only Bundesliga season 2014-15) they were in 1st place after the 4th week but ended...
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    Draft Lottery Game Thread

    Yet oddly fascinating. The Celtics won the first 3 draws. If only that meant all 3 picks...
  18. BillWarDamnEagleJay

    Syracuse Basketball 2016-17

    Yup, although in today's win vs UVA it was encouraging that one of the hot hands was the freshman Tyus Battle. He looked very mature out there, with a pair of clutch free throws in the last 30 seconds.