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  1. schillzilla

    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    Josh Hader just came in and threw nothing but fastballs to STL. He struck out the side and I don’t believe there was any contact against any of his fastballs (even foul balls). Ridiculous stuff.
  2. schillzilla

    The Lakers Reality Show

    I’ve seen a study linking blood clots to testosterone enhancement treatments. With a constant talk about needing to add strength, wonder if he started training differently. He had been on a nice little run the last few weeks. I still have visions of Rashard Lewis and his ascension, followed by...
  3. schillzilla

    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    Kuzma, Ingram, Zubac, and a couple future (likely late) first round picks enough? That’s not a horrible return, but not one I would rush to make if I’m New Orleans.
  4. schillzilla

    Celtics in 18-19

    The thinking is addition by subtraction. Rozier’s attitude could be infecting the other guys. Just too many possessions where he jacks up a crazy early 3, jogs back at half speed, loses his man who either blows by him for an easy 2 or drains a killer wide open three. Got to send a message to...
  5. schillzilla

    Finn: Red Sox Potentially Changing Radio Broadcast Approach

    I certainly wouldn’t want this to be the only/official radio broadcast. However, if they wanted to stream a secondary thing which experimented with this format - I might be open to trying it out. But let’s leave the primary radio format alone. I, like many others have stated, use MLB At Bat...
  6. schillzilla

    2018 Gronk Watch

    Is this the first time the specific team (Detroit) was mentioned?
  7. schillzilla

    2018 Patriots: All-Purpose Roster Discussions Thread

    I saw Jeremy Kerley was released by the Bills. Maybe an option as a slot WR? Grasping at straws, but he had a little production a few years ago in that slot role.
  8. schillzilla

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 1 vs Texans

    According to Paul Perillo on the postgame - he’s had issues fielding punts in practice as well. Honestly, I think we have seen enough from him. The “Wes Welker clone” talk is laughable. Doesn’t seem to have anywhere close to Wes’ straight line speed or shiftiness. Unless we are talking about Wes...
  9. schillzilla

    The 2018 NBA Draft

    Danny Ainge was the best player comp for Greyson Allen
  10. schillzilla

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    They rewrote the app for the TiVo Roamio and it is much better than last couple years. Previously I could watch for about 30 minutes before it would buffer, stutter and eventually close the stream. Still very rock solid on my iPad and iPhone. At times it’s even quite good on LTE where my...
  11. schillzilla

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    First off, glad NYY did not land this guy - I really am pulling for him to succeed. I am going to snag tickets when the Angels come to town. There are very few players I feel that way about. I remember Ichiro’s first year and he was a sensation- I did the same thing. But this is a whole...
  12. schillzilla

    NBA 2018 Trade Deadline Chatter

    Marc Stein of The NY Times is reporting that the Jazz are making Rodney Hood available and several teams are interested. Would love the see him on the Cs. Seems like a versatile wing who can score a little. No idea what the asking price would be or if he could fit in the cap/DPE.
  13. schillzilla

    Tagging plants with barcode? An app to scan barcodes and populate forms?

    Just spitballing here, but you could probably use a QR code to store some information. Look at to see different potential options for storing some data. One option option is just storing plain text, so you could store anything (text notes, or a structured JSON object which could...
  14. schillzilla

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    I bought an old slingbox on eBay for 90 bucks. It was an old M1, it needs apps, but they have an app that is still working on Mac high Sierra, iOS and amazon fire stick, among other platforms. My understanding is the M2 just needs a web browser to stream your channels ( no app needed), so...
  15. schillzilla

    2017 Broncos: Elway changed coaches like socks lol who is the QB

    Can’t believe coach isn’t on your 2018 shopping list. I think he is severely overmatched.
  16. schillzilla

    Gronk: one-game suspension

    Any chance that Bill disciplines him even if the league doesn’t? I think he will to send a message that lawless stupid play will NOT be tolerated regardless of stature. Just feels like a Bill Thing To Do
  17. schillzilla

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    DiceK pitching for the Red Sox to help land Ohtani. Please let this happen, if this guy is good how fun will he be to root for??
  18. schillzilla

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    Is there anything that the Red Sox can do to appeal to this guy? I am fascinated by his two way potential, and really want to route for him. But it feels like nobody is mentioning the Sox as a possibility. We had DiceK, Okajima and of course KOJI(!) all having some success here. Perhaps one of...
  19. schillzilla

    The 2017/2018 Boston Celtics Regular season thread

    Perhaps someone with the advanced stats can confirm or refute my hypothesis- but I feel like Crowder playing the 4 was a big issue in terms of rebounding. Not to mention IT4 as well as Al at the 5 (who isn’t a great rebounder) was a common combo.
  20. schillzilla

    Hayward's Injury

    Even if it’s medically possible he could make it back by the end of the year, I think the prudent thing is to IR him and let him recover fully. Don’t give the slightest temptation to rushing it to make it back. For what? Let him rehab without the pressure of a deadline. Jut try and be healthy by...