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  1. veritas

    April 2019 NHL News

    Adam Fox, not a fan of fun celebrations:
  2. veritas

    David Krejci - Overrated? Underrated? Properly Rated?

    Missed the game tonight but just wanted to echo this. David Krejci has been amazing this season. They were 9-6-1 without Bergeron in Nov/Dec which is pretty amazing given the lack of center depth they had at the time. For me it's Krejci and then Halak. But Wagner will probably get it because...
  3. veritas

    2019-01-16 Bruins at Gritty

    Backes and Moore scratches. Cehlarik-Krejci-DeBrusk is the 2nd line.
  4. veritas

    2019-01-14 Bruins vs Habs

    Montreal sucks
  5. veritas

    2019-01-12 Bruins at Leafs

    Mac is back. Tuukka starts.
  6. veritas

    The Injury Thread

    Starting a new thread for injury news cause there's been a lot. Kuraly had surgery and is back in the linup. Wearing a full facemask for 5-6 weeks. And looking pretty awful:
  7. veritas

    2018-12-04: Bruins at Panthers

    Big bucks, no whammies. Florida is not very good.
  8. veritas

    2018-11-03 Bruins at Predators

    Halak in net again. Backes is back. DeBrusk taking Donato’s spot on PP1 Also please note how when you sort game threads alphabetically, mine remain in chronological order.
  9. veritas

    2018-10-30 Bruins at Hurricanes

    The Bruins visit old friend Dougie Hamilton and the Carolina Corsis tonight. McAvoy is on IR, Grz is out. Colby Cave is up. Lauzon is back up. This is fine. I'm ok with the events that are currently unfolding. Anyone know where to watch hockey in Barcelona?
  10. veritas

    McQuaid Traded to the Rangers

    NYR trading for Adam McQuaid from BOS. Return is a draft pick
  11. veritas

    August NHL News Thread

    Really great article in The Athletic by Ryan Stimson on forechecking statistics. Spoiler alert: Bruins were ranked 2nd behind Tampa last season.
  12. veritas

    2/24 - Bruins @ Leafs

    Last game of our road trip. 2nd to last for the Bs. McQuaid out, Miller in. Clean win here puts pressure on Tampa and makes the 2 seed a little more comfy.
  13. veritas

    2/20 - Bruins @ Chiarelli

    Greetings again from Alberta. Edmonton is a bad hockey team. These friendly people deserve better, but alas, Chiarelli. Random-acoustic-somewhat-geographically-relevant-indie-rock brought us good luck last game so here goes again
  14. veritas

    2/19 - Bruins @ Calgary

    I'll be there. It'll be cold. Let's get another streak started
  15. veritas

    RMPS Player Rankings

    There's not a whole lot to do during the NHL offseason at the moment and recently there's been some "friendly" discussion between media and stats people in the hockey community about different ways to rank players. Here's an example of one of the more civil and productive discussions...
  16. veritas

    10/15 - Viva Las Vegas

    The Bruins' inaugural game in Las Vegas deserves an early game thread. Is this going to be a RMPS Bash? Myself, PSK, and a couple others are already booked. Who else is in?
  17. veritas

    The Forward Lines

    There's been some chatter in various threads about line combinations so I figured I'd start a new one. At least for the forwards, I refuse to believe they're going into the season with this group on defense.    Loui-Bergeron-Pastrnak Beleskey-Krejci-Connolly Marchand-Spooner-Hayes...
  18. veritas

    Ron Washington resigned/fired due to sexual assault?     I don't know anything about this source, but it was referenced by Craig Calcaterra, who is a reliable reporter
  19. veritas

    Adopt a Team - Côte d’Ivoire

    Strengths   Yaya Toure. Possibly the best midfielder in the world. Arguments can be made for Xavi and Iniesta, but neither of them can single-handedly take over a game from the midfield like Toure. He's a freakish combination of strength, pace, and skill who uses it all over the field.   Depth...