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    Defensive Play of the Week: Deceptive Defense

    Really enjoyed that, and I am more a layman than an expert so I'm not trying to edit your excellent article; but. for my own understanding, Sanu's route on that play is essentially a wheel route out of the wouldn't call that a slant to the sideline would you?
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    Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st degree murder; released by Patriots

    I agree regarding the NFL drug testing angle being overlooked.   I admit to being ignorant to the ins and outs of the NFL drug testing policy but this quote from Ben Volin's piece this morning blew me away   "Hernandez could easily get away with a drug habit. Per NFL rules, players are tested...
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    College Hockey Thread

    Ended up going for best available which puts me in Pavillion Boxes on the 3rd base side which will be behind the net.  Should be pretty nice.    FYI, If you are a citi card holder, the pre-sale is ongoing now for 2 Saturday Fenway college hockey double headers.   Jan 4 Merricmac vs Providence BC...
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    College Hockey Thread

    Tickets are going on pre-sale today for Frozen Fenway 2014.  Anyone have any thoughts on which scetions are good seats for hockey at Fenway?