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  1. KiltedFool

    Retired NFL players accused of defrauding league retiree health plan for over $3M

    Some relatively successful names there Clinton Portis, Joe Horn, Reche Caldwell the names that jumped out the most to me. These guys are effectively stealing from their peers, so I doubt they get any sympathy.
  2. KiltedFool

    World Series 2016 Game 2 Bauer v. Arrieta

    Lineups for tonight: CUBS Dexter Fowler, CF Kris Bryant, 3B Anthony Rizzo, 1B Ben Zobrist, LF Kyle Schwarber, DH Javier Baez, 2B Willson Contreras, C Jorge Soler, RF Addison Russell, SS Jake Arrieta, P INDIANS Carlos Santana, DH Jason Kipnis, 2B Francisco Lindor, SS Mike Napoli, 1B Jose...
  3. KiltedFool

    Updating smartphones, computers, home network

    Let's see if I can make this short.   Wife and I each have iPhone 4s, we also have an iPad linked on her account.  3 PCs in the house (Asus laptop, scratchbuilt,Dell) all at least 3-5 years old.  My router is 3-4 years old, it's a Netgear, can't recall which protocol, it was the newest when we...