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  1. Future Sox Doc

    Colts Next Banner: We Almost Had McDaniels

    This article is hilarious.
  2. Future Sox Doc

    SBLII: A Gronking to Remember

    I'll be there. Hope to see some of you guys there as well. And no joke, this is my first Pats game in person ever. Great way to start.
  3. Future Sox Doc

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    Steelers fans don't feel that way from the fans I know (I lived in that area). A lot feel he doesn't have what it takes to bring them back to the Super Bowl. His record against the Pats is a huge sticking point for them, and while successful, they feel he should have won more titles.
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    Benintendi talk

    I like the Killer B's.
  5. Future Sox Doc

    Durant to Warriors

    Players Tribune down.
  6. Future Sox Doc

    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Tell me more. Show me the way.
  7. Future Sox Doc

    NFL Sunday Ticket now available via PS3

    Just got my email for 2016 season. Was listed at 44.99 for 6 months, which is just under $270. Called and was able to get it down to $215 with minimal negotiation. I'm sure someone out there can do better.
  8. Future Sox Doc

    Mort had Stage 4 Throat Cancer; Cheatriots fans whine some more

    If it's Head & Neck cancer, Stage IV doesn't mean not curable. If it is HPV (or p16) positive, he should get a good response to chemotherapy and radiation. Will be out of action for a while, will also likely need feeding tube.
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    What year is your favorite Red Sox season?

    I voted 2004. Since then, the only moments that have come close were the Butler pick, Ortiz's HR that went over Hunter's head, and the win in 2013. I didn't start dating my now wife until 2008 when I introduced her to the Sox. I show her the DVD's, but it's impossible to understand. 2004 is the...
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    Week 3 NFL Game Thread

    MRI revealed Ben Roethlisberger did not tear his ACL, but he sprained his MCL and now is expected to miss "probably 6 weeks," per source.   Tweet by Schefter.   Don't know why the Steelers kept lying about it.
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    Week 3 NFL Game Thread

      Well no shit, I know anyone famous can get an MRI whenever you want. Then just say you did the MRI, don't know why they need to lie. 
  12. Future Sox Doc

    Week 3 NFL Game Thread

    Anyone watching halftime where they said Big Ben had a "bone bruise and sprained MCL". Isn't the MRI tomorrow? They are really hanging their hats on their physical exam skills. Kinda crazy. 
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    SoSH Survivor Pool - Week 2 Discussion

    7 of the top 8 teams picked lost.     You would have had better luck picking the bottom 8 teams ( 4 wins out of 8, a total of 18 picks, in which 9 were correct) than the top 8 teams (1 win out of 8, a total of 8,192 picks in which 716 were correct).    Current Week Team Count  TeamCount...
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    SoSH Survivor Pool - Week 2 Discussion

    I had 8 entries with a friend, only one left is the Colts. This was a massacre of epic proportions. 6 of the top 8 teams picked across the board lost (winner- Steelers, Colts yet to play). There is very little anything could have been done for anyone. What a day. Holy crap.  
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    SoSH Survivor Pool - Week 2 Discussion

    Current Week Team Count  TeamCount Saints3344 Dolphins1369 Ravens1361 Steelers716 Colts617 Rams471 Titans165 Eagles149 Panthers98 Bengals91 Cardinals83 Chiefs52 Giants39 Packers38 Patriots15 Browns11 Vikings7 Falcons6 Bills4 Lions4 Chargers3 Broncos3 49ers3 Seahawks3 Raiders3 Cowboys2 Texans2...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise   This was on 60 minute sports on Showtime. Pretty good video, says all the things we have been saying for months now. 
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      I mean it's not rocket science by any means. It's amazing how many NFL fans just say "whatever, they cheat" instead of looking into the facts of the case. 
  18. Future Sox Doc

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Literally just did the experiment for my Steeler fan friends to shut them up. I have an official football, measured it in my house, temperature 74 degrees (12.85 PSI), and put it in a fridge (temp set at 40) with some wet paper towels and waited 2 hours. Took it out with them there. PSI? Down to...
  19. Future Sox Doc

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Got 2. I feel like the most irrational fans about this are Steeler fans. I love how they talk about "karma" and it will come back to get him... and when I ask about their QB's, they shut up quite quickly. 
  20. Future Sox Doc

    John Farrell has Lymphoma.

    I can almost bet it's early stage DLBCL (diffuse large b-cell lymphoma) and he is getting 3 cycles of RCHOP, based on the "9 weeks" of treatment. Very curable disease as they mentioned.