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  1. Don Bradman

    Opening day: 3/26/20 . . . ummm 7/24/20

    Good idea, but the Red Sox are one of the few teams not doing it:
  2. Don Bradman

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Did any other season ticket holders (for any MLB team) get an email a week or so ago about having free access to MLB.TV this year? I'm almost certain I did, but I can't find the message now. If someone has it, can you kindly post the instructions for how to register and access? Thanks.
  3. Don Bradman

    Baseball on Television

    Even better: Mets-MFYS on ESPN2, 7:00
  4. Don Bradman

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Not a bad idea.
  5. Don Bradman

    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    The large federal agency that I work for has banned all employees' use of Zoom until further notice. This is a big problem since we need to virtually attend meetings hosted by other federal and non-federal agencies who still use Zoom.
  6. Don Bradman

    Spring Training

    The ball Dansby booted was ruled a hit.
  7. Don Bradman

    Following Former Red Sox 2020 Edition

    My memory is that is was Ms. Masterson
  8. Don Bradman

    August MLB game thread

    deGrom endears himself further into my heart, having nothing to do with the nickname nonsense and just using 'deGrom' on the ridiculous looking white shirt, where you can't read the names anyway.
  9. Don Bradman

    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Completely agree about J & E. I listen to FAN on several long commutes each week and they are exactly as you describe. They don't take themselves too seriously but they still come off as credible. IMO, Boomer & Gio are similar. I wonder why Boston can't have something like those shows.
  10. Don Bradman

    Home Run Derby/ASG Game Thread

    I think Sanchez's supporters are relieved to see McCann back there now
  11. Don Bradman

    Home Run Derby/ASG Game Thread

    Only 2 Catchers on the AL roster too. McCann is the other
  12. Don Bradman

    Home Run Derby/ASG Game Thread

    Alonso should have brought Diaz for his pitcher.
  13. Don Bradman

    We're onto Beetle and Zolak: The Midday Thread

    The most egregious part, for me, is that he claimed the women enjoyed being leered at.
  14. Don Bradman

    2019 Masters

    Given the consistent performance of Couples, Langer, and Watson at post-50 majors, why not? Tiger's a better athlete than all of them and if he stays healthy and has the desire he can compete as long as he wants to.
  15. Don Bradman

    2019 Masters

    Yes, this is what is giving the impression of guys 'coming out of the blue' (i.e. Bubba, Cantlay), since they are not coving the next tier below the leaders. If you look at the full leaderboard there's a lot of guys right there. Freakin' Fowler may have a chance now.
  16. Don Bradman

    Anyone know when opening day tickets go on sale?

    In and out in 2-3 minutes. Wasn't interested in any of the paks, but had full choice of tix for the 2 games I was looking for.
  17. Don Bradman

    2018-19 Offseason News, Rumors, Trades

    Not really. After a really bad June, they were exactly .500 in July/August, but then 18-10 in September. Very strong finish.
  18. Don Bradman

    NLCS Gamethread: Dodgers vs Brewers

    Amy Williams. She's quite well known
  19. Don Bradman

    WEEI: Midday with the Big O (and Merloni and Fauria) NOW IN PM DRIVE TIME!

    In no way am I am defending or promoting Felger, Mazz, or Callahan. I dislike all of them and no longer listen to their shows. I was merely trying to point out that people like Keefe, who appear to have no real "credentials", or relevant direct experience with actual ML sports, besides talking...