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  1. NickEsasky

    2020 Pats: Gilmore Tests Positive for C-19 but Asymptomatic

    Probably because it is a discussion board and he felt it's worth discussing.
  2. NickEsasky

    2020 Pats: Cam Tests Positive

    Maybe a pandemic wasn’t the best time to book an away game roadtrip?
  3. NickEsasky

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    I don't believe it can be because the ball technically never left Tatum's hand. The only way to really goaltend a dunk is if the defender comes up through the rim I think.
  4. NickEsasky

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    He was also fouled on that play (perhaps prior to the shot) with the shirt grab so it easily could have been a 4 point play there.
  5. NickEsasky

    Celtics-Raptors 2nd Round--Dethrone the Champs

    It was in the NBA App. If that is inaccurate my apologies.
  6. NickEsasky

    Celtics-Raptors 2nd Round--Dethrone the Champs

    Scott Foster for Game 7 so I wouldn't exactly hope for anything better from the refs Friday night.
  7. NickEsasky

    Celtics-Raptors 2nd Round--Dethrone the Champs

    Ironically the one time Tatum didn't complain to the referees was the one time he should have.
  8. NickEsasky

    Tuukka opts out of the rest of the season

    He can’t. If he opted out versus leaving the bubble he’s done.
  9. NickEsasky

    Tuukka opts out of the rest of the season

    Wow. Gotta respect the decision. Must be hard on these guys. But if he wasn’t 100% mentally he wasn’t going to be Tuukka. In Halak we trust.
  10. NickEsasky

    Red Sox requested that a humidor be installed at Fenway Park

    Must be those helium treatments that also made his head grow 25%
  11. NickEsasky

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    I used to be high on Trenni until she decided to become a hot take machine like Curran just to feed the TV show.
  12. NickEsasky

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    Tomase must have compromising photos of everyone in New England except for Matt Walsh.
  13. NickEsasky

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Buys XFL for $15 Million

    Having a failed football league under his belt will be good for his future Presidential aspirations.
  14. NickEsasky

    Deadspin defectors debut

    Yeah can't say I miss it: Vikings: "Oh what a bunch of bumbling goofs who always let me down. Blair Walsh! Sad trombone. Why do I do this to myself??" Cowboys: "Jurry thinks he's smart but he's dumb!! They won't pay Dak Prescott!! Haven't won anything since the 90s!!" Womp womp" Patriots: "I...
  15. NickEsasky

    Deadspin defectors debut

    Thank God. I had no idea where to go recently to learn everything is bad, all my favorite teams are cheating cheaters who cheat, and nothing in sports is fun or enjoyable.
  16. NickEsasky

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    I haven't listened to the show much in the last couple of years as I don't have a car commute anymore, but I always enjoyed T&R from back in their BCN days. I really hope Fred gets a chance to decompress and get any help he might need. He brought plenty of joy to my commutes for years and I hope...
  17. NickEsasky

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Tyler resigns from Barstool. Funny dude and will likely be successful anywhere. View:
  18. NickEsasky

    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Unfortunately, this is what happens when your organization can't find and develop a successful starting pitcher in a decade. Dombrowski certainly did his part to empty the cupboards to get us a WS, and his allocation of money left a lot to be desired over the last few years. But the failure is...
  19. NickEsasky

    Man City banned from Champions League for next two seasons (EDIT:LOL JK)

    Finally, we can move on from this total witch hunt. Exonerated!!! Joking aside, this has to be a death knell for FFP right? They don't have the will or the desire to keep the state-owned groups out of the sport so they will just keep finding ways to step right up to and over the line and FIFA...
  20. NickEsasky

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Do you ever wonder that now that Simmons has F you money and immunity from any significant punishment because of said wealth, he might try to get revenge on you for running him off?