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  1. YTF

    Countdown to the 2019 M.L.B. trade deadline.

    Homer Bailey to the A's.
  2. YTF

    Roenis Elias to start Friday

    Per 98.5/CSN. Farrell says that Porcello's being pushed back a day.
  3. YTF

    Cherington's bad run

    Yeah, Porcello's post rehab starts gave me hope for this season, but still that contract extension being based largely off one good season and the fact that it was agreed to BEFORE he ever threw a pitch in a Sox uniform sticks in my craw. Really this entire thread is born out of about an 8 month...
  4. YTF

    No one wants to remember a lousy BJ

    Least of all, the lousy BJ. Meet Melvin Upton Jr.
  5. YTF

    Quote and multiquote functions not working

    I'm guessing this is a simple fix and likely there's some sort of adjustment I need to make somewhere, but for the past few days the quote functions haven't been working for me. Would appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction. Took a look around and didn't see anything posted here...
  6. YTF

    NLCS on Fox Sports 1

    Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, so let me ask. Is FS1 mainstream enough to be doing these games? I get that Fox has this big investment that they need to push, but wondering how many potential Fox viewers might be missing the Cards and Giants because they don't get FS1. I just thought it a...
  7. YTF

    Da Meat Hook is a bit less meaty these day

    Former slugger Dmitri Young has lost quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years for health reasons and looks nothing like Da Meat Hook of old.
  8. YTF

    Remember when tickets were sold without gimmicks?

    Honest to Christ, what the fuck is this?
  9. YTF

    Ralph Kiner dead at 91

    Hard to believe he was that old. Seems like not all that long ago he hosted Kiner's Korner after Met's telecasts.
  10. YTF

    Brian Cashman speaking at Hot Stove event in Pittsfield MA

    Just thought I would pass this along to anyone who might be interested. Not often that we get these sorts of events in this area. Wasn't really sure where to post this as the interest might not be limited to Yankee fans, so to anyone who feels it should be moved please feel free.      ...