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  1. bandito0

    Matchweek 4

    So West Ham are off to a fast start, leading Leicester 2-0 at half. The much maligned Aaron Cresswell has the assist on both goals, the first on a beautiful cross to Antonio (who else), and the second on a sky ball clearance that was settled and finished beautifully by Pablo Fornals. Also of...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    I came to post something similar to this, even though I haven't checked out the horse races. I'm not a huge fan of the Barstool brand but Big Cat is one of the more enjoyable media personalities going. He's running an NCAA 14 coach career called Coach Duggs on Twitch and it's well done. His...
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    Post your favorite March Madness memories in here

    View: Just an unbelievable game. I loved watching Scottie Reynolds.
  4. bandito0

    March Madness to be held without fans

    And the Big East just tipped off...unreal.
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    How did you come to pick an EPL team?

    I went to London in March and watched West Ham put three goals in against Southampton in the first half to help stave off relegation. It was one of the best sporting events I’d ever been to. I loved everything about the experience, and having a chance to tell some the guys siting next to me...
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    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Fair enough. Note the part of the response where I said I didn’t boo because I didn’t think it was a good idea either. But if that’s the way people want to vent frustration so be it. Maybe you guys can come and educate the masses in Delco or South Jersey and teach them how to be a proper fan.
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    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Hey, that's one way to look at what I wrote. People got upset about a poor performance, but nobody quit on the team. To single out one minute of booing among a couple hours of undying support, and then to make that the basis to call a fanbase "miserable" and state "they don't deserve that...
  8. bandito0

    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Ahh, I wasn't aware that ESPN decided to report it. I thought it was someone who watched the game and then made a thread to dump on Philly fans. My bad. One more side note, part of the frustration last night was directed at the refs. It looked like Miami was getting away with a lot of...
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    Sixers fans boo team at end of 2nd Quarter.

    Sigh. The team was outscored 34-13 in the 2nd quarter. They scored 3 points in the first 6:00 of the 2nd quarter. It was a terrible quarter. Shit, there was a half court set where Simmons was trying to attack the basket and Redick ran into him. In a playoff game! They were awful. Do you...
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    2017 Eagles: Thread Under the Influwentz

    Truth all the way around. I was livid when they got rid of Jordan Matthews and kept Agholor because I thought Agholor was beyond hope. What a turn around. I love Ertz. I made a comment last night on Ertz's TD catch that last year or the year before, Ertz would have fallen down or went out of...
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    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

    Jay Wright's right hand man. Strong X and O guy. Excellent recruiter. Reports have him as beloved by Nova's players. I think you guys got a good one. He's been given a lot of credit for being instrumental in getting Nova to where they are now. Jay Wright (Feb 2016): And the link to that...
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    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

    Not only that, but they were only out-rebounded by 3 against Purdue. Purdue was trotting out 7'2" Issac Haas and 6'10" Caleb Swanigan in that game. In my mind, Purdue has one of the best front courts in college basketball and Nova held their own on the glass because all 5 guys crash the...
  13. bandito0

    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

    Fantastic news. Jay is starting to be able to recruit front court talent to match the wealth of guards the team has. In other news, an alumni has donated $22.6 million to renovate the very outdated Pavilion...
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    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

    This team is a joy to watch. See you in Houston.
  15. bandito0

    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

    They can't keep shooting 60%. But they can keep playing good defense. This game is going to reminiscent of the Pitt game back in 09. I just hope Chef's ankle holds up. Enough said. Go Nova.
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    Worst Coach Stories

    From Deadspin:   I feel like it's one thing for this to happen in pro sports, where jobs and money are on the line, but in Little League?  It's just a bad message to send.
  17. bandito0

    Villanova Wildcats - 2016 National Champions

      I'm not an alumni but I've been a fan of 'Nova hoops since the Kittles era, and this year's team is the most enjoyable group I've ever watched.  Like you said in the PC thread, Jay Wright has made a conscious effort to recruit and build a team, which is reflected by the fact that you have 6...
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    The 8th annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Ubaldo Jimenez
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    Championship Week(s): Conference Tournament Thread

    Iona has just cut a 64-54 deficit to 4 with with 1:12 left over on ESPN2.
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    Championship Week(s): Conference Tournament Thread

    This is going to be a heck of a finish in this CAA game.   Delaware cutting it to 1 with 51.0 left.  Gotta get a stop here.