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  1. jose melendez

    Harry Frazee Revisionism

    I thought this piece about the circumstances that led to the sale of Babe Ruth was quite interesting.
  2. jose melendez

    Least Favorite Red Sox Heroes

    In the abscence of baseball, I've been watching a lot of old baseball, and it's gotten me thinking about players who gave heroic or memorable performances for the Sox, but I still kind of hate them. The most obvious is Curt Schilling. Huge hero; also a nazi. But there are others who aren't...
  3. jose melendez

    Red Sox Greatest Bunt

    I mean why not? Still, I got nothing.
  4. jose melendez

    Jose Melendez's KEYS TO GAME 7

    It’s time for Jose Melendez’s KEYS TO THE NATIONALS. 1. Let’s be honest Red Sox fans. We’ve lost something since 2004. Since that night 15 years ago when starter DLowe the Paranoid Android—who definitely doesn’t have domestic violence issues, completed the work of Curt Euro—who definitely...
  5. jose melendez

    What was the most appealing WS match up of the decade?

    Obviously 2013 and 2018... But I was thinking about what would appeal most to the neutral fan while filling time before the games begin. I almost wrote this has the potential to be one of the most interesting WS in a long time (non-Sox division, of course). But actually think this decade has...
  6. jose melendez

    Africa Cup of Nations

    I don't know anything about soccer, but I know Africa. I'll be rooting, fruitlessly, per usual for teams from the Southern and Eastern part of the continent. Above all I'll be pulling for the Uganda Cranes followed by the Zimbabwe Warriors. I'll also pull for, albeit to a lesser extent...
  7. jose melendez

    Auction Item: bottle of fenny, the liquor of Goa

    I’m in Goa, India sipping on some Fenny with soda and a splash of lime cordial. What is Fenny, you ask? Fenny is a liquor made from cashews or coconut and made,-as best I can tell, only in Goa. It’s prettu tasty, a bit anisette maybe. I will be brining home a 750ml bottle of cashew fenny...
  8. jose melendez

    We can do better

    Come on guys step it up. We raised $45,000 to fight AIDS in 2010. We should be able to do $5 grand easy for this. I’m overseas for the next two weeks and am going to bring back a couple awesome things to auction. Dig deep and come up with something cool.
  9. jose melendez

    AUCTION ITEM: Basotho Blanket

    As seen in Black Panther (force field not included). This authentic Basotho blanket (the traditional garment of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho) is incredibly warm and bears the images of the spiral aloe, Lesotho's national plant, and the Lesotho Royal Insignia of Shield, spear and knobkerrie...
  10. jose melendez

    Seattle Postpones Kaepernick Meeting Due to Protest

    The Seahawks aren't even bothering to pretend he doesn't have to choose between playing and protesting.
  11. jose melendez

    Michael Bennett Faces Felony Charges

    From the DA Question for the lawyers, is it normal for an indictment for something like this to be brought so long after the complaint? Also, with the limited info available this really seems like an overcharge.
  12. jose melendez

    LA, Paris get Olympics

    Paris gets 2024 and LA 2028, basically because no one else wanted it. Kind of amazing, but if Boston hadn't backed out, we really probably would have gotten an olympics. Good thing we backed out. Sort of gives the esteem of winning, without actually having to finance the damn thing.
  13. jose melendez

    Bill Russell is Criminally Underrated

    With all of the "has LeBron caught Jordan for GOAT" stuff. It has prompted me to look back at the career of the man who despite having the finals MVP named for him, is still somehow chronically under appreciated. The statistical case may not be there for Bill Russell--his best season win...
  14. jose melendez

    First African Born MLB Player Debuts for Bucs

    I love this story He's a South African, but he's a native sesotho speaker (the language spoken here in Lesotho and by 3 million South Africans). Yeah, he's an all field, no hit shortstop and his upside is Cesar Crespo, but still, Africa!!!
  15. jose melendez

    New SSD Drive makes me sad

    As suggested here, I got a new Samsung EVO 850 SSD drive and some new RAM. I installed them to day and all looks good. The RAM is acknowledged and disk utility sees the disk. All that's left is to format it and then I can clone from the external drive I've been using to the new EVO, right...
  16. jose melendez

    NFL to Owner of Only Tape of Super Bowl I Broadcast: Drop Dead

    Interesting piece from the NYT today, on how there is only one copy of the broadcast of Super Bowl I in existence, and the NFL refuses to buy it from the guy who has it and has vowed to sue him if he tries to sell it. The league also squashed a plan by CBS to interview the holder of the tape...
  17. jose melendez

    SoSH AIDS Fighting Truck: We Did Good.

    As many of you will recall, in 2013 SoSH raised a remarkable $45,000 to buy a truck for a small NGO based in Arusha, Tanzania called Support for International Change. Here is a picture of our truck It is a fantastic organization that I have been proud to support (we asked for donations...
  18. jose melendez

    Mac so, so slow

    About a week ago my Mac suddenly became super, super slow. Like the beachball shows up any time I do anything slow. It's a mid-2012 macbook pro with Yosemite on it. I need more RAM ( I only have 4MB), but that shouldn't explain the sudden change. I did all of the normal advised changes...
  19. jose melendez

    Macbook Kernel Panic

    Can anyone look at the log and give me a quick idea of what's causing it?  Tech support is not real good here.  It happened since I installed Yosemite   Anonymous UUID:       406E4396-BA86-8EFE-330F-75DEA540F3C5 Tue Aug 11 07:36:58 2015 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 0 caller...
  20. jose melendez

    1870s Red Stockings on Antique Road Show

    This is pretty neat   This woman's grandmother ran a boarding house where most of the 1870s Boston  Red Stockings stayed.  Her collection, she discovers is worth about $1 million.  Really cool baseball artifacts