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  1. Phragle

    UFC 2020

    Conor fights Saturday and no one is talking. Come get your man @Zomp I like Cowboy and the over Holm a little bit Gadelha And congrats if you were the one to get it in on Barber -400
  2. Phragle

    2019 UFC/MMA

    The first ESPN UFC card is comin up. How I understand this is the early prelims are gonna be on an app, then the prelims are gonna be on TV, and finally they go back to the app for the main card. Not sure but I don't get it if that's the case. Also Rogan and Schaub discussed the Jon Jones...
  3. Phragle

    Mayweather - McGregor 8/26

    It's on apparently
  4. Phragle

    Malcom Brown, DT

      Measurables: College videos: He's young. Only 20-21 YO Five star college recruit by Rivals and Scout Ranked 21st overall by CBS
  5. Phragle

    Trade Deadline Thread (Tomorrow 4PM)

    Everyone ready for the most exciting trade deadline in sports?    One team I hoped would sell - the Bears - are not interested.
  6. Phragle

    RFP Injured Reserve

    Looking ahead to the offseason, it seems meaningless to include players IR players that didn't even play a snap on our rosters. I think we should hide those guys from the process and pick up one year rentals to replace them before the season.   There are a bunch of important players already out...
  7. Phragle

    Ryan Mallett Postmortem

    He isn't dead and neither is his Patriots career, but the idea or hope that he'd be moved for a valuable asset seem to be. You could argue that the idea was dead from the beginning because Brady wouldn't let him on the field, but at the time I think most of us thought he'd be an investment. A...
  8. Phragle

    Pats Report on Manziel Leaked?    
  9. Phragle

    RD1/#29: Makin' it look Easley!

    Dom Easley. Love this kid. Sack artist DT.     Josh Norris ‏@JoshNorris  43s I ranked Dom Easley as the No. 4 prospect in this draft. he is a total stud. Interior disruption is king, and he's extremely explosive.
  10. Phragle

    RFP Trades

    Results may not matter
  11. Phragle

    Pro Football Focus

    Am I the only one that both loves PFF for what it makes available, but also hates it for all the stuff it doesn't make available? For example, I love that I can see that Brady's rating is 20 points higher on play action than non play action passes, but why can't I see how many times he's been...