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  1. jnlevetoncnmt

    Robinson Cano suspended for steroids

    He got busted for lasix? It's a diuretic, as a nurse they always told us to inject it slowly if IV or it can damage your hearing. I can't see what kind of advantage this would give you in baseball, but I would love to hear from the MD's on the board.
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    The Red Sox and Developing Pitching

    The Red Sox were the best at drafting players from 2003-2012 according to this Milwaukee Brewer's blog. The post is about how well the Brewers were drafting, but Boston is first in terms of rWAR and number of players to make the majors...
  3. jnlevetoncnmt

    Most Disappointing Sox 2017

    Chris Young and his .579 OPS, 59 OPS+ against LHP certainly deserves some kind of honorable mention here.
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    Can she play 3rd base?
  5. jnlevetoncnmt

    Indelible or Favorite Moment in Boston Sports?

    I liked it the day that Manny became a U.S. citizen and ran out on the field with a small American flag that he planted in front of the monster.
  6. jnlevetoncnmt

    One Season or Fewer, Your LEAST Favorite Red Sox

    Brad Penny and John Smoltz in 2009 deserve a mention.
  7. jnlevetoncnmt

    One season or fewer: your favorite short-term Red Sox.

    I thought picking up Billy Wagner in 2009 was a really good move, but we got swept by the Angels. Considering all the times that I've seen teams give up too much for a reliever it was a great trade. We got him for Chris Carter (who we got for Willy Mo Pena).
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    Mookie Betts nearly historic streak

    You should start a thread about the last time a team hit the fewest home runs and then won the world series.
  9. jnlevetoncnmt

    The Left Field Solution

    I would trade for another starting pitcher before I looked for position players, however I wonder what it would take to get Colby Rasmus from Houston. He is on a one year deal 17M, free agent next year, and Houston may be out of the running at some point.
  10. jnlevetoncnmt

    Ortiz and other top free agents

    I would put Tim Wakefield as one of the Red Sox all time great free agent signings. Not ahead of Ortiz or Manny, but he was always one of my favorite players. I really wanted to him to get the all time Red Sox win record, so close.
  11. jnlevetoncnmt

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Hello, I was once a member and I saw I was a lurker when I posted in the Tommy John contest thread. When someone has time can they reverse me? I lost my avatar as well, but I don't care about that. Thanks.
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    The 10th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Aroldis Chapman
  13. jnlevetoncnmt

    Alex Hassan

    With Crawford starting on the DL(I assume), does Alex have any chance of making the team for LF? Or did they just invite him to camp so he can get a taste of big league pitching?
  14. jnlevetoncnmt

    Alex Hassan

    Alex deserves a bump. He has a 400/491/533/1.024 line after 90 at bats in AA. 17BB vs 11K (good) only 1hr (bad). Just turned 23. Since he used to be a pitcher in college maybe he could one day have that Dave McCarty role as a relief pitcher/outfielder. He could pitch in the occasional game...