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  1. serotonin

    Celtics vs. Heat Game 1 ECF

    Sounds about right. As soon as he returned in the 3rd they turned things around.
  2. serotonin

    Celtics-Raptors Game 7--Whatever It Takes

    I bet Theis loved that.
  3. serotonin

    8/7 - Raps

    Time Lord being able to spell Theis and not be a disaster the last few games has been nice.
  4. serotonin

    The Last Dance

    I happened to turn on the radio in the car today and pause on WEEI, whatever show Ordway is doing these days had Jackie Macmullan on to talk about Jordan and The Last Dance. I wasn't able to listen as closely as I would have liked, but she talked a lot about how different Jordan was before the...
  5. serotonin

    3/4 Baby Celtics @ Cavs

    Can we have this version of Semi in the playoff rotation, please?
  6. serotonin

    2/13: Clippers at Celtics

    Love the way this team plays so, so much.
  7. serotonin

    11/20 Celtics at Clipper(sonal day)s

    Please get Tatum involved in OT.
  8. serotonin

    11/20 Celtics at Clipper(sonal day)s

    Hard to believe Beverley is still playing with that broken neck he suffered earlier.
  9. serotonin

    11/11-Celtics vs. Mavericks

    I wonder how much time these guys spend practicing alley oops between games.
  10. serotonin

    11/9-Celtics @ Spurs

    That was slick from Green.
  11. serotonin

    11/5-Celtics @ Cavs

    Oh my.
  12. serotonin

    2019 Celtics Preseason Gamethread

    Not sure how good the Cs will be this year but they will be tons of fun to root for.
  13. serotonin

    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Crazy game. I love the NBA.
  14. serotonin

    Sweet 16-Day 2

  15. serotonin

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Should have left Wilfork in at QB.
  16. serotonin

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    The Texans should just go without a QB.
  17. serotonin

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 14 at Texans

    But seriously, the entire defense looked awfully good. Sheard and Hicks in particular.