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  1. StupendousMan

    Which document camera should I purchase?

    I'll be teaching classes from home in the fall. I need to purchase a simple, barebones document camera to replace my "smartphone sitting on a stack of books" technique. Any recommendations? I'd prefer a unit that can work with Linux and MacOS.
  2. StupendousMan

    Koji Uehara retires from professional baseball

    As you can read in, Koji Uehara has retired from baseball. He started in the Japan Central League in 1999, at age 24, as a starter. In 2009, he moved to the American League, playing out of the bullpen for the Orioles. In 2011, he was moved to the Rangers, where he spent 2012 as...
  3. StupendousMan

    Recommend me a 55-65 inch TV

    My brother and I are both in the market for newer, larger TV sets to replace our aging 40-inch-ish models. We both use the sets mostly for viewing shows off broadcast or cable; we game a bit, but not the sort of games that require ultra-fast response. We'd like to get something larger, in the...
  4. StupendousMan

    Cheap webhosting site with Apache and ssh access?

    Hey, technology mavens. I have a question for you. I run a small website to serve pages for some courses I teach. Nothing fancy, just plain hand-coded HTML running under Apache. Everything is static content. I'm thinking of putting a copy of some material (way less than 1 GB) onto a remote...
  5. StupendousMan

    iHome SmartPlug isn't working properly

    My wife purchased an iHome SmartPlug and is trying to use it to control an ordinary window air conditioner. She's trying to set up a rule that causes the unit to turn on at a specified time (say, 10 AM) and then turn off later (say, 4 PM). Unfortunately, despite following all the...
  6. StupendousMan

    A little Sox HR trivia

    To distract us from the recent unhappy trend in the Red Sox record, I came up with a teeny little quiz, inspired by the question Jayson Stark asked today on "Mike and Mike" (which was "name the 3 active players who had 4 consecutive seasons of 40 HRs." I only named 2 of them correctly -- the...
  7. StupendousMan

    Stevan Ridley signs with Jets

    As reported in the Globe.
  8. StupendousMan

    Weak wifi signal upstairs; time for a repeater?

    We live in a two-story house.  In the middle of the first floor, we have an Apple AirPort Express connected to our fiber-fed network cable.  It works fine -- laptops on the first-floor get great signal.   Upstairs, my wife and I each have an office with a desktop computer.   My desktop is an...
  9. StupendousMan

    Will the Patriots trade Brady before he retires?

    Seymour (5 Pro Bowls), Milloy (4 Pro Bowls), Mankins (6 Pro Bowls) -- all traded by the Patriots at some point after they reached their peak, but long before they were obviously done.  One might conclude that the New England management is low on sentimentality.   So, Tom Brady has been named to...
  10. StupendousMan

    Koji Uehara: one of the 20 best relief seasons ever?

    Koji Uehara had another clean ninth inning tonight to finish the Sox' victory over KC.  Rudy Pemberton asked if any Sox reliever has had a better season in the game thread.  I checked Uehara against 2006 Papelbon, and it's a pretty close race -- though Uehara still has a number of chances to...