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  1. DrBlinky

    Poll-ALCS Game 7 Good v Evil the poll

    Although the Rays are division rivals, they're Maddon-less now which lowers the hatred level for me. I've been going for the Rays in this series from the beginning due to the Astro's recent past, and Cash has some Sox lineage. (And I'm also petty enough to want to hold on to the "only team down...
  2. DrBlinky

    Wifi and plaster walls

    I've used the power line adapters in the past (brand was ZyXEL, I believe.) While they did work across breaker boxes, there was a significant difference in speed as compared to using two outlets coming off the same box. The ZyXELs had a color LEDs showing the quality of the transmission. When I...
  3. DrBlinky

    Adding additional Access Point to WIFI - Need a little help

    I used a USB dongle like this when I had an Ethernet port go bad on a laptop a couple years back. (Edit: I did not have that particular model. Just showing it as an example of USB to RJ45.)...
  4. DrBlinky

    Formula 1: General Discussion and 2020 Preview

    Was it solely to try for fastest lap or did they suspect the same type of tire issues and decided to play it safe? Didn't see all the post-race stuff but I thought I heard Verstappen state that he had reported in on potential tire issues 10 laps prior to coming in. (As was brought up during the...
  5. DrBlinky

    Former PawSox VP/GM Schwechheimer dead at 62

    Former PawSox VP and GM Lou Schwechheimer at 62. Complications related to COVID-19.
  6. DrBlinky

    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    At least initially, the plan appears to be for Hacienda to be that walkway. From site: "The Hacienda Ave. overpass will close to automobile traffic approximately five hours prior to game time. The road closure will create a safe and fun opportunity to walk with other fans...
  7. DrBlinky

    Giving up the Ghost

    The Patriots were one of the proponents for moving the PAT attempt back to the 15. I'm sure knowing he had a weapon like Ghost was a factor in that decision. And yes, I do realize there were some critical misses along the way, but he was almost as automatic as anyone outside of Justin Tucker.
  8. DrBlinky

    I Hate These Mieces to Pieces

    Same work area configuration? I've encountered weird things happening with an optical mouse on a highly reflective surface (i.e. glossy tabletop).
  9. DrBlinky

    May MLB game thread

    This discussion came up during last night's game on ESPN. The thought was that his post-season numbers should make him HoF worthy. Additionally, the booth crew felt that being a part of 2 curse-breaking teams should also factor into the discussion of his HoF credentials. Apparently no one...
  10. DrBlinky

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    It seems to be keyed on whether you have watched any of the free MLB Game of the Day through the AtBat app. Trying to decide whether to take the $77 or wait until Father's Day when it's around $50.
  11. DrBlinky

    2018-19 Providence College Hoops: The Kids Are Alright

    Diallo applying for draft. New rules making it a bit easier to return to school.
  12. DrBlinky

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    To disable renewal, just log into your account and uncheck the automatic renewal option. I think it was under subscriptions. I have to don't his each year because I typically wait until the Father's Day special to purchase the package. (I'd be surprised if the renewal hadn't tried to...
  13. DrBlinky

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - WC Round

    It does show the tweets. Regrettably, since I had managed to avoid any Hurns images to that point.
  14. DrBlinky

    The Athletic - Sports content with an actual budget

    The Athletic has been running a 50% off the first year subscription special for the holidays. I've seen the ad in my mobile browser but not directly on the site. Here's the link from the ad...
  15. DrBlinky

    FYI: TAPATALK now embeds tweets.

    The app has been able to display embedded tweets, as well as embed tweets, since the version that was released in December 2017 (v7.1.3).
  16. DrBlinky

    The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

    The attendance figures are down as reported, but on top of that there was also a media report earlier this season that the PawSox were overinflating those attendance figures. (Some estimates by up to 300%). For the...
  17. DrBlinky

    2017-18 Providence College Hoops: Great Expectations?

    Dajour Dickens leaves PC hoop program Redshirted last year and would more than likely been behind others in this year's rotation.
  18. DrBlinky

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I'm using AtBat on an Android (Google Pixel) and one of the controls on the screen as I'm watching basically does picture-in-picture with the game action continuing in a smaller window.
  19. DrBlinky

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    The annual Father's Day sale has been going on this week. $49.99 for rest of season. This is typically when I jump on board each year. (I make sure to use a temp credit card number set to expire in a couple months when I make the purchase so the auto renew doesn't go through the next year.)
  20. DrBlinky

    Digitizing old VHS Tapes

    I've been using a Hauppauge USB-Live2 Analog Video Digitizer along with its bundled WinTV software to get output from a VCR to my desktop machine via USB. Edit: As LoweTek warns below, this process is also slow as you have to play the VHS tapes. What is essentially happening is that you're...