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  1. ledsox

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    Looking into it more it really would have been bang bang at the plate if Randy hadn't tripped and flipped and Smith had caught a good throw from Muncy. He was moving at 28.7 feet/sec per statcast and the play took 10 seconds from bat contact to ball hitting catchers glove. Randy went from 2nd...
  2. ledsox

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    I tried checking this too and it's tough to judge from the angles but I think he would have been out by a bit. Maybe he scores with a great slide but I'm not convinced it was a great send. Well, of course it was but I bet there will be a statcast that could figure this better. Just nuts...
  3. ledsox

    BEAT L.A. (The Gamethread)

    The Rays are a curveball hitting team. They need to create chaos for Kershaw by crushing the curveball consistently.
  4. ledsox

    2020 WS: Dodgers vs. Rays

    Dodgers in 6 but will root for the underdog and a first title.
  5. ledsox

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    The Dodgers have not lost 3 in a row this year and then... there is this series.
  6. ledsox

    The 'Chairman of the Board', Whitey Ford Passes at 91

    ^ Great story. Terpentine though (per Kornheiser), that's what I want to hear about. Sad symmetry for a couple fan bases. Gibson passes, Cards eliminated that day and then yesterday.
  7. ledsox

    The 'Chairman of the Board', Whitey Ford Passes at 91

    Kornheiser said today he admitted to at times using spit, baby oil, terpentine, and rosin to doctor pitches. He would also cut the ball. That's a crafty lefty! What a career.
  8. ledsox

    10/7 MLB LDS Game Thread

    If Hosmer never swung in that AB I think there was a good chance of a tie game. He had to make JoKe get the ball up and he didn't.
  9. ledsox

    RIP Tom Seaver

    Lou Brock hit .250 off of Seaver with 1 HR over 152 ABs. He also went 0-4 in Seaver's no hitter vs the Cards. RIP to two greats.
  10. ledsox

    RIP Tom Seaver

    I adored that "73 Mets team. Though I was a budding Sox fan, Mays and Seaver were my first favorite player and pitcher. Sad day. I may have to have a glass of wine.
  11. ledsox

    Thank you, Mitch Moreland

    I saw an interview last year where MM kind of gushed about how much he loved being a Red Sox. He did seem like a great guy, and teammate, who really appreciated where he was at. I'm thankful for his big hits and that HOMER! and I'm glad I can still keep close tabs on him out here in SD...
  12. ledsox

    SD to acquire Mitch Moreland for Hudson Potts and Jeisson Rosario

    Gonna miss Mitch. A true Red Sox World Series hero and he loved being a Sox. Interesting return, hope it works out well for both teams. I think MM gets time at 1b as Hosmer is no great shakes there.
  13. ledsox

    Thank you Brock Holt (signs with Brewers, now with Nats, got 1 AB at Fenway on 8/29)

    Was at Papi's last NL game, which was in San Diego and he wasn't in the lineup. Brock came up late in the game and the mostly Sox crowd was chanting very loudly "we want Papi". We got no Papi. Instead, Brock proceeded to crush a shot over the right field fence. That was cool. Thank you...
  14. ledsox

    Happy birthday to The Kid

    There went the greatest hitter that ever lived. And yes that speech was so meaningful. Thrill of a lifetime to meet the man the day before the game that shall not be mentioned in 1978.
  15. ledsox

    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Pedro just asked Sam Kennedy on MLBN about how horrible the Sox have been and if they will be selling off more assets. Sam responded about how busy he expects the deadline to be but mentioned a core that they hope to build around....Xander, Devers, Bradley, Vaz were the 4 mentioned. edit-...
  16. ledsox

    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Seems unreal but I recall hearing that the Dodgers had no black players last year.
  17. ledsox

    Pssssssssssssssssssssst 2020

    I checked on the last out of last nights no hitter. It was the hardest hit ball of the night (of 14) off Giolito . 106.6 mph off the bat with an expected BA of .850. I bet it was slicing toward the line too. Only one other batted ball had an EBA above .350.
  18. ledsox

    2020 Padres: Slam Diego

    Jake Cronenworth is real fun to watch too. A 26 year old ROY candidate who came with over with Pham in the TB deal. He's been the best rookie hitter in the NL so far. OPS over 1.000. He seems to square everything up and looks solid up the middle (mostly at 2B) but really can play anywhere in...
  19. ledsox

    July/August game thread

    The Rangers have given up SIX slams this year. Slam Diego, as Orsillo calls them, are the only team in history with GS in 4 straight games.
  20. ledsox

    Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman suspended for on-air homophobic epithet

    Years ago I remember him ranting about something during a game (can't remember what it was) and thinking, what a jackass. Yup!