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  1. ilol@u

    Kansas City vs San Francisco -- Who Wins?

    I know we have a gamethread to discuss the actual game, but post your scores, storylines, and predictions.
  2. ilol@u

    In Bill We Do Not Trust?

    It's been a slow off-season and I wanted to propose a few calls that Bill Belichick did/did not make and determine whether statistically it was the right decision, and what YOU would do in the same circumstances. Feel free to discuss other ones (4th and 2, intentional safety, etc). The ones I'm...
  3. ilol@u

    Superbowl Introduction Song?

    I believe the Patriots have came out to Crazy Train in the past two Superbowls and are 0-2 in them. Based on everything that has happened this season, what song/music would you like the Patriots to come out to? 'Nas - Hate Me Now' seems so fitting for this team and the perception the country...
  4. ilol@u

    Syncing Music from Phone to Car Stereo

    Thanks to my wonderful friends, my AUX jack is broken in my car. Unfortunately my car does not support bluetooth music players (but does support bluetooth calling) from my phone. Instead of paying $140 for my AUX jack replaced by my car dealer, I'm looking into other alternatives and options.  ...
  5. ilol@u

    Week 7 Game Thread

    Have Cincinatti @ Indy on CBS and Carolina @ Greenbay on FOX.