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  1. djbayko

    Celtics pick Carsen Edwards at #33 in 2nd Rd (Are you glad you stayed awake now?)

    Okay, I don't know this guy very well, but his highlight reel is awesome (and not in that "every highlight reel looks good" kind of way).
  2. djbayko

    Software for Solving System of 8 Simultaneous Equations

    Does anyone know of any free software that is powerful enough to solve a system of 8 equations and 8 unknowns? Alternatively, does anyone have any paid software that can do it for me? This is a one-time need. All of the installable / online solvers that I've used in the past can only handle up...
  3. djbayko

    Need Bulk Play-by-play from Recent Seasons

    Hey folks - I'm doing a fun study as a side project, and it requires NBA game play-by-play data. Does anyone know where I can get downloadable PBP data in bulk, without having to copy/past individual games? I found some older PBP data on the web, and I've used it to prove that my hypothesis...
  4. djbayko

    Where Can I Find L/R Splits in Bulk?

    Mods: Please feel free to move this to a more appropriate forum. This question doesn't feel right in this sub, but I honestly don't know where else to put it. I know the answer to my question must be here at SoSH. For a side project I'm working on, I'm looking to download: batter and pitcher...
  5. djbayko

    Scorigami: Charting All Possible NFL Football Scores

    I've read a few articles on this topic in the past, but this is the most comprehensive and entertaining look I've seen. I disagree slightly with his calculation on the odds of a 4-4 tie but agree that it's highly unlikely. And the 6-1 score has always fascinated me as well - I'm glad he covered...
  6. djbayko

    Disabling DVD Drive Eject Button

    This is going to sound like a silly post, but I've done a lot of searching and tried a bunch of solutions. Hopefully, someone here has an easy answer. Almost every time I touch my laptop, I accidentally hit the DVD eject button on the side of the machine and open the drive. It's really...