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  1. YTF

    Revisiting the Xander-at-shortstop debate

    IIRC, Bogaerts wasn't overly enthused at the idea of playing 3rd the first time around was he? I wonder how accepting he would be of the idea some 7 years later. If he was blocking a great SS prospect who was MLB ready and the move would improve the team I can see him agreeing, but ATM that's...
  2. YTF

    Ian Rapoport suspended two weeks for posting Manscape ad on social channels

    Quite honestly I can't see why both sides couldn't get together and smooth things out.
  3. YTF

    Say hello to Smiley Ball! the Worcester Red Sox's New mascot!

    Just saw a spot on Spectrum news saying that today is National Smile Day. Some sort of half assed celebration in Worcester featuring local sports mascots including this abomination. FWIW, it seems the smiley face originated in Worcester so that seems to be the connection. Thanks Harvey.
  4. YTF

    Roenicke to not return as manager in 2021

    Chaim didn't seem impressed enough to hire Gibbons last year. I'm guessing the reason is that he had guy's already in mind for this season that he values more. Staying within the organization and hiring Roenicke as a placeholder made perfect sense.
  5. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    Given the shortened season, the increased number of teams getting into the playoffs and the threat of teams being unable to get the full 60 games in, I'm shocked that there are no play in games. I really expected that there would be a mad scramble to sort out the playoff picture during the first...
  6. YTF

    Roenicke to not return as manager in 2021

    Roenicke was not promoted while Cora served a suspension, Cora and the team parted ways. I don't see him coming back and am very interested in seeing who blomm brings in.
  7. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    I'm sure October/November weather were a huge consideration in this decision but am I the only person seeing the irony in bubbling in Texas and Cali? That said, I guess Florida's worked out OK for the NBA.
  8. YTF

    Red Sox make scouting department cuts

    Like most other moves the Sox make, I'm willing to wait until the dust settles. One of the biggest complaints about this team is a lack of top talent coming up through the farm system, especially pitching prospects.
  9. YTF

    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    Many years ago when I was a newbie here I took a beating from a few guys over some of my early posts. There used to be a well respected member here who went by the name of mabrowndog who I reached out to via PM to ask if I was out of line. I'll share that dog wrote back to tell me to that...
  10. YTF

    Mike Trout card sells for more than Honus Wagner T206

    And in their greed the companies will eventually out supply the demand as they did in the late 80's. There will be a glut of untouched cards in plastic cases that will decrease in value because there is no shortage of cards in "fresh out of the pack" condition. IMO the grading process coupled...
  11. YTF

    Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman suspended for on-air homophobic epithet

    Just a quick thought or two on the Brennaman's on air apology. If I was a viewer of that game, fan of the Reds, a member of the LGBTQ community or any combination of the three I would have appreciated his responding during the broadcast more than the following day in a carefully crafted...
  12. YTF

    Workman & Hembree to Phillies for Nick PIvetta and Connor Seabold

    FWIW, I was listening to the Sox broadcast on Friday night while driving to work and Castig mentioned that the trade was discussed on ESPN and it was mentioned that many scouts believed that Seabold had the best arm in the AFL last season. SSS being 17 innings, but hopefully they're were correct...
  13. YTF

    Thank you Brock Holt (signs with Brewers, now with Nats, got 1 AB at Fenway on 8/29)

    I'm thinking he still wants to play, but if his time in uniform is drawing to a close I'd love to see him get a shot doing the pre or post. I have no idea what his skill level might be, but him just being himself is an upgrade over whatever it is that Lyons is.
  14. YTF

    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    IMO the only time there was any possibility of seeing Realmuto in a Red Sox uniform was by way of a trade leading into last season when the Sox window was closing on the core that won in '18. With so many other areas of need Realmuto's not going to get a serious offer from Bloom and there is no...
  15. YTF

    Pssssssssssssssssssssst 2020

    I've had the game on since it started in the background while I'm getting a few things done and had no idea until I just heard Buck mention it.
  16. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    I understand what you're saying and there is a distinct difference in how the two leagues have approached this, but just like Plesac and Clevinger, Williams knew the rules and opted in.It's hard for me to have sympathy for a guy who was granted an excused absence to mourn a friend and IMO pushed...
  17. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    There has to be some sort of accountability here, but I'm not on board with losing draft picks. MLB decided to move forward and try to present some sort of a baseball season. Unless it was specified and agreed to that the loss of draft picks would be considered as disciplinary action I think...
  18. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    I've already seen a couple of guys on the MLB Network refer to this as a mistake made by Plesac and Clevinger and it really pisses me off. It was a deliberate act by the Marlins players, it was a deliberate act by the Cardinals players and it was a deliberate act by the Indian players. Each act...
  19. YTF

    Covid and MLB

    Perhaps a bigger asshole considering he didn't speak up and let Plesac take the drive of shame while he took the team flight. A flight that I'm assuming Carlos Carrasco was on and during a time when his manager had been missing games due to unknown gastrointestinal issues.
  20. YTF

    Red Sox requested that a humidor be installed at Fenway Park

    Geez, I thought MLB was pretty adamant about not fucking around with the baseballs. Perhaps they couldn't solve that issue about the ball's "pill" being slightly off center.