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  1. ZMart100

    The Heat is on, ECF here we come!

    Kanter is such a change of look that it can take the Heat time to figure out how to adjust how they play. The Celtics can do well during that confusion. Leave him out too long and they do adjust. He's helpful in rare short bursts, but will get exposed after about 5 minutes.
  2. ZMart100

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.2 at Seattle

    They would need a different play to give Cam an option. It was a designed run. The blocking scheme had linemen working to the LBs so any pass would be flagged for ineligible receiver down field.
  3. ZMart100

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk.2 at Seattle

    I think maybe Phillips blew the coverage on the wide open dig route TD? Phillips should have had better coverage on the Carson TD, though it was a tough throw to defend he was out of position. Onwenu lost pretty badly on the last play. I'm not sure he was the only one to miss a block there...
  4. ZMart100

    2020 Pats: Roster Projection 2.0

    If he is so in demand, why was he available off the street in late August?
  5. ZMart100

    2020 Pats: Roster Projection 2.0

    I'm not sure the team will want to expose Rohrwasser to waivers. Folk could be on standby if they decide to put Rohrwasser on IR later.
  6. ZMart100

    Milwaukee Bucks boycott Game 5 vs Orlando

    It varies by location, but a lot of poll workers get paid.
  7. ZMart100

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    The point is to keep the players' name from the team. There's no reason to think the union would have any interest in helping a team retaliate against one of their members. I don't think a player's anonymity to the NFLPA would matter.
  8. ZMart100

    2020 NFL Draft Day 3 Game Thread

    Froholdt is coming off his redshirt year too.
  9. ZMart100

    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    I went to listen to Peyton for comfort, which makes me like the pick less.
  10. ZMart100

    2020 NFL Draft Day 3 Game Thread

    I'm guessing we pick again in this round.
  11. ZMart100

    RD2 #5/#37: S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

    BB drafted Chung and McCourty too. Chung was at #34 and if IIRC fans were upset about that as well. It worked out.
  12. ZMart100

    Who's Your All-time Patriots 53-man Roster?

    I wish I could find Robert Edwards video that wasn't of his knee getting shredded on the beach. I remember him being fantastic. I think this should be peak >> longevity. On that line of thinking I'd probably put Dion Lewis in the backfield as well.
  13. ZMart100

    2020 Pats: Roster & Beyond (non-QB edition)

    There is a floor. He isn't a rookie, BB has seen him in practice and had some idea what he had when he renegotiated Brady's deal. I trust BB's confidence in the kid, though I'm sure he doesn't know with 100% certainty what Stidham will be on Sundays.
  14. ZMart100

    Looking Forward: Building around Jayson Tatum

    What is Hayward worth today? The injuries combined with a weak FA class make it hard for me to get a sense of what his market might be. If he chooses to become a FA, what contract should the Celtics offer be?
  15. ZMart100

    NFL Playoffs Expansion with a Potential 17th Game

    I think it will take an extended work stoppage for a 17th game. The players I've seen on this are pretty adamantly against the idea.
  16. ZMart100

    NFL Playoffs Expansion with a Potential 17th Game

    The NFLPA has been against the 17th regular season game for a long time. I don't see anything to suggest they have changed their stance on that. All the report says is in terms of an expanded regular season is that the owners are proposing it, which we knew they would and there is no agreement...
  17. ZMart100

    Betts/Price to LA for Alex Verdugo, Jeter Downs, and Connor Wong

    I think Wong might be closer to 10-15 range. Downs vs Casas probably depends on how you weight ceiling vs floor.
  18. ZMart100

    What might a Patriots 'reset' look like?

    Another reason it doesn't make sense to do that is it would be inviting a hold out after the early money is gone.
  19. ZMart100

    Commentator evaluation: Cris Collinsworth

    4.5 from me. He's still one of the best out there. He sees the game better than most color guys and can point out interesting parts of plays that I may or may not have caught live.
  20. ZMart100

    NFL 100 All-Time Team Co-Hosted by Bill Belichick

    Not special is overstating it, but this is close to where I am on Faulk. He didn't have the physical dominance of a Brown or Peyton or Sanders to get into the elite tier of RBs. The elite tier needs to look like men among boys. I would put Peterson higher than Faulk.