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  1. BigMike

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    So as baseball season is starting, and schools around the country are closing. I am really intrigued to find out what is happening to sports leagues around the country. Is your league moving forward as scheduled? If yes, what sport, and what precautions are being taken? In terms of whether...
  2. BigMike

    Can the NFL fix the catch rule

    Brilliant catch by Bryant last night. No doubt about it was 100% a catch. Yet the best replay could come up with was play stands, which means inconclusive. Reading the game thread yesterday was a big debate about the catch, and not that anyone didn't think it was a catch, but rather people...
  3. BigMike

    The upcoming Braxton Miller Free Agency circus

    More and more talk these days about what is going to happen to Braxton Miller next season, and where he may go.   I know Russel Wilson was a bit of a high profile 5th year Senior, with a few options for landing spot.   Nothing has ever hit the NCAA like this Miller Circus will. Superstar...
  4. BigMike

    Lucic and the art of aging gracefully

    It was mentioned in the Krejci thread, so I figured I'd start a new one for this discussion         Add me to the choir on this one.  I have advocated dealing Lucic this summer even, as I view him as someone who will age very poorly.  I tend to think he is going to be largely washed up by age 30...
  5. BigMike

    Rondo trade, value, future

    Just trying to get a feel where people are at with Rondo honestly.   How interested are the Celtics in moving him, and what you really believe his value around the league is at    
  6. BigMike

    Boychuk injured in Montreal

    Max Pacioretty ran Boychuk with a heavy boarding penalty, and spent 10 minutes on the ice being taken off via stretcher.   Very bad scene.    All hopes and prayers are with Johnny Rocket