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  1. Coachster

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    Chris Mazza on the hill against Kyle Wright. One of the three million athletes named either Kyle or Wright. Last 3 games of the Sox season, so enjoy it while you can, if you can (and I admit, it's hard.) Today's Red Sox birthdays are huge: The amazing Lars Anderson, just like Michael Chavis...
  2. Coachster

    Ryan Weber, come on down!

    The pitching carousel continues with guys who have been drummed from the starting staff, only to return, like Night of the Living Dead. I've been drummed from this thread once, so if Weber can do it, so can I. At least we get to see Ian Anderson, who is supposed to be good. It's like getting...
  3. Coachster

    7/26 Orioles

    That was ugly yesterday. Very ugly. I don't want to talk about it. Wade LeBlanc vs.Ryan Weber. Is it possible the O's 2nd and 3rd starters are better than ours? We'll see. However, as somebody said yesterday, having baseball back, any baseball, is better than not having it. Let's see if...
  4. Coachster

    Strat-O-Matic season simulation- We win the opener!

    I played the APBA simulation game as a kid, but one of my friends was a Strat-O-Matic guy. In any event, they are doing a simulation of the season, and we won the opener! Here's the box score: Here's the link to the season...
  5. Coachster

    NCAA Volleyball Final- Stanford vs. Nebraska

    Apparently I'm the only one out there watching this. Consider this thread a live blog. Go Cardinal.