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    March College Hoops Thread

    James Jones and the Sons of Eli walk into Lavietes and beat the Crimson without much drama, 62-52. If they win tomorrow at the Green, they take the Ivy League title and the NCAA bid.
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    Anthony Mason dead at 48 - heart failure

    Damn. So many early athlete deaths lately; he was my "Knick Bernie Williams" (player on the hated rival I liked)   RIP MASE    
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    2015 NBA All-Star Game and Festivities Game Thread

    Kyle Korver replaces Dwyane Wade on the East (too bad, so sad), giving one team,  the Atlanta Hawks, four All-Stars, first time since 2011 when our own Rondo, Truth, Ray Ray and KG made it.   USA/World (BBVA Rising Stars) Friday night Foot Locker 3Pt shootout, Sprite Slam dunk, Degree Shooting...
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    February General NHL game Thread

    Colorado down 1-0 at the end of the third to Detroit. Patrick Roy proceeds to pull Varlamov with MORE THAN THREE minutes left. Helm scores ENG within 30 seconds. Colorado lucky that Detroit disciplined to not risk icing. Only score one more with 15 seconds left, 3-0 Detroit.
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    #4 Parade / Rolling Rally Game Thread   To be announced later today, still hoping for Tuesday but doubtful they have time to clear the snow and the snowbanks.  May be much later than usual.    
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    How many more seasons will BB be coaching the Patriots?

    Assuming there's no fallout somehow with Kraft (he coaches until he retires) and doesn't get suspended by the NFL for saying something after x-Gate, and he doesn't leave for another job, how many years until Belichick gives it up?
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    Which Olympic Bostonian Would You Like to see Light the Olympic Flame

    I can't really think of anyone from the Summer games (not counting Eruzione, Orr, etc) with both a Gold and a Boston/New England  connection who would be a good choice. Who should be added to the poll, if anyone?   My choice is Russell, by far, if he's alive and semi-healthy.   edit: added Pedro
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    Who's on your 2016 ballot

    DtTtB's ballot:   Bonds Clemens Griffey Piazza
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    2015 Will Myers make watching the San Diego Padres outfield a religious experience?

    Is there a better "full of potential" OF than the Padres now? Will Myers or Upton move to LF?  Or Kemp to LF and Upton to CF?
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    Thank You, Jon

    Thank you for 2007 Thank you for 2013 and thank you for kicking lymphoma's ass, just like the Rockies and Cardinals and 27 other teams, and inspiring others, young and old, to do the same. Thank you, Jon. Best of luck.
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    2014 Non-Major Bowls

    Texas going to Texas bowl (possibly v. TAMU) Oklahoma to Russell Athletic Colorado State to Las Vegas
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    4 spots for 5 conferences

    Baylor and TCU also got screwed because of math. 4 spots for 5 conferences, someone was going to be left, and the one without a CG is likely.   Solution: 4 conferences, BigXII-II, moves fb to other conferences. (WV moves all sports to others for geography   3 divisions in each conference, 5x5x5...
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    December 2014 College Basketball Game Thread

    ACC/B1G Challenge started last night   Tonight's games include Syracuse-Michigan on ESPN and Indiana Pitt on ESPN2   Tirico calling Syracuse Michigan, making me long for the Sean Mc team.
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    Who's your Heisman?

    I know it's win-place-show, but pick your five   1. Mariota. I don't think it's close, 36-2 TD-Int 2. Melvin Gordon. Had 5 200 yard games (inc. 408) and 2 more 175 yard games, 8.3 average, ridiculous. 3. Amari Cooper. Go to guy on 3rd down. 10 games of 8 of more receptions. 4. Cody Kessler. 30...
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    Best sign you've ever seen on College Gameday

    I'm nominating:   Harvard Admissions: Best Defense since 1636     yours?   (from the ESPN pregame show)
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    World Series Game 3 Royals @ Giants

    World Series moves to NL park. Butler seems obvious to PH,   do you move Moustakas to 5 and keep everyone the same? move everyone up one? move Perez up to 5 to keep R/L?    
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    Week 9 College Football Gamethread

    Notable games:   Thursday 10/23 Uconn @ ECU 7PM ESPNU Miami at Virginia Tech 8PM ESPN   Friday 10/24 BYU @ Boise 9PM ESPN Oregon @ Cal-Hippiedrome 10PM FS1   Saturday 10/25 Texas @ Kansas State Noon ESPN UNC @ UVA Noon ESPN3 MD @ Wisconsin Noon B1GN   Miss St @ Kentucky 3:30 CBS Blue...
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    Who's your top ten?

    1. Missississississississippi - Starkville 2. Missississississississippi - Oxford 3. Alabama 4. Florida State 5. Auburn 6. Kansas State 7. TCU 8. Georgia 9. Notre Dame 10. Oregon      
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    Week 6 College Football Game Thread

    Notable games:   Thursday 10/2 10:30 PM ESPN Arizona @ Oregon   Friday 10/3 7PM ESPN welcome to the ACC bowl  (Louisville @ Syracuse) 10:15 PM ESPN Utah State @ BYU   Saturday 10/4 TAMU @ Missississississippi State, Noon, ESPN Oho State @ Maryland, Noon, ABC Florida @ Tennessee, Noon, SECN  ...
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    A's @ Royals AL Wild Card Game Thread

    Jon Lester v. Panty Shields   I can't believe I  have to root  against you, Jon. (Sorry, 1988 and 1990 nightmares, Sabes, and Bo makes this a relatively easy decision)   Tuesday 8:07 TBS   (Is DO calling this one?)