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  1. oumbi

    Following Former Red Sox 2020 Edition

    Miller Lite? I am disappointed that Lester drinks worm sweat.
  2. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    I just saw this listing of players the Celtics have interviewed. Here's that list of players who have "met" with the Celtics as of Tuesday, as reported by Grenham: Cassius Stanley, G, Duke Immanuel Quickley, G...
  3. oumbi

    Getting Smart with Statistics

    Thank you for posting this. It was a good read. The racism Smart saw in Massachusetts is upsetting, but not surprising.
  4. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    I don't know all that much about Quickley. He seems to be a very good shooter, but how does he rate as a point guard? He averaged 1.9 assists to 1.6 turnovers per game last year as a sophomore. As an off the bench shooter I can see the attraction for a second round pick. But, and I am asking...
  5. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    Nighthob, what do you think about the Celtics taking Paul Reed at either 26 or 30? He doesn't have a 3 point shot right now, but his wingspan, rebounds, blocks, and steals indicate his defense might play well off the bench.
  6. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    Many thanks Nighthob for a very interested read on the players. It took a lot of work I can tell. I was a bit surprised to not see Bane as part of the late first round possibilities. Would you be provide me with your thoughts on him? Thanks.
  7. oumbi

    Say hello to Smiley Ball! the Worcester Red Sox's New mascot!

    But this is a bad kind of worse.
  8. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    It seems that the following players may be facing possible exits from the Celtics: Waters Edwards Green Poirier Wannamaker Kanter Ojeleye Fall (Much as I would enjoy watching him turn into a viable NBA player, I would understand, though not like, his exit.) That is eight possible openings. More...
  9. oumbi

    2020 NBA Draft

    I would be happy if the Celtics drafted both of these players. It won't give them a big boost in height, but that is why god gave us the MLE.
  10. oumbi

    Choose Your Own Adventure: Celtics 2020 Offseason

    Would you please expand on what Nance would bring to the Celtics? Lifetime, he shoots 32% from three point land. He is 6’7” tall, so I don’t think he can play center. Unless you are thinking as a small ball center. Is Nance better than G. Williams?
  11. oumbi

    The End Of The Line, 2020

    And for those of you are not sure, these are drops of water. Ta da.
  12. oumbi

    Best Of All Worlds, Everybody Wins

    Drops of water.
  13. oumbi

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    Thank you Mr. Springs.
  14. oumbi

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    Go Sox!!!! sigh....
  15. oumbi

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    It was all right, actually.
  16. oumbi

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    If the Sox have to lose, I am glad brazier is the losing pitcher.
  17. oumbi

    Down in hot 'Lanta to end this nightmare, part 1

    I just saw the score. What is with these assholes?? Suddenly the pitching turns good?
  18. oumbi

    September 23, 2020, Baltimore @ Fenway

    Evovaldi is mowing'em down tonight.