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  1. Mr. Wednesday

    Who should start for this team in 2021?

    Very informative, thanks!
  2. Mr. Wednesday

    Who should start for this team in 2021?

    I've been wondering, given the obvious comparison in arm slots, what's Chris Sale's pitch mix to get right-handed batters out? Is the conventional wisdom that Houck needs another pitch accurate?
  3. Mr. Wednesday

    11/15 - Ratbirds fly into town (8:20 start time)

    That toss was a little sketchy.
  4. Mr. Wednesday

    College Football Week Eleven Game Thread

    A really, really big amount of guaranteed money left on the contract probably has a lot to do with it.
  5. Mr. Wednesday

    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    I'd bet it was the spread eagle that did him in (in the words of a famous candlepin bowling color man, "How does that happen?")
  6. Mr. Wednesday

    2020 ALCS: Good vs Evil

    I think it's 50/50 whether that's a strike on appeal. Maybe you correct down for the situation, but it wasn't an obvious no-swing. I'd agree that it was close enough that he should have asked 1B instead of calling it himself, I just disagree that it's a foregone conclusion that 1B would have...
  7. Mr. Wednesday

    College Football 2020 Week Six Game Thread

    Out of first downs? Was that supposed to be out of TOs?
  8. Mr. Wednesday

    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

    I think a lot of that is that Swiatek is getting to pretty much everything. There have been a lot of shots where I thought it was a point to Kenin, but Swiatek not only got to it, but hit a tough shot.
  9. Mr. Wednesday

    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

    Swiatek's court coverage is pretty impressive. Kenin has seemed to have a lot of errors, possibly because she's trying to hit into smaller windows. (Or maybe it's just that rallies are running longer.)
  10. Mr. Wednesday

    Best Of All Worlds, Everybody Wins

    Wasn't that swing and miss on the slider basically a mirror image of Sale striking out Machado to end '18?
  11. Mr. Wednesday

    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    Not sure what you're getting at. I don't mean to imply that he lacks skills (on the contrary, I didn't see his ND stuff even though I follow the team, but I recall good reviews), rather that it's not exactly nowhere. He has a history in sports media, and at ND which has a close relationship...
  12. Mr. Wednesday

    9/20 Pats at Seattle

    Went there. I don't remember if he was on the team (if he was, he didn't play), but he was involved with sports media while he was there, which is how he's moved on to NBC.
  13. Mr. Wednesday

    2020 US Open

    I don't know about Nicklaus, but I was just thinking that this was an awfully Tiger-esque win, in the sense that DeChambeau overpowered the course in a way that was beyond most of his competition.
  14. Mr. Wednesday

    Manfred: 16-team postseason likely to stay as “an overwhelming majority” of owners endorsed the concept before COVID

    There's precedent in a vaguely-related sport: Cricket has fielding placement restrictions in limited-overs forms of the game to encourage scoring.
  15. Mr. Wednesday

    Tennis 2020: There is an I in Thiem

    It'll take more than a few minutes for it to look silly, as Thiem won the third set and they're on serve in the fourth.
  16. Mr. Wednesday

    Celtics-Raptors Game 7--Whatever It Takes

    Someone on TV (I switched from TNT to NBCSN shortly after it ended and don't remember which) thought that it was.
  17. Mr. Wednesday

    Celtics-Raptors Game 7--Whatever It Takes

    That kind of play, I'm not sure how it would be anything else but a flagrant if called. It wasn't even close to a play on the ball.
  18. Mr. Wednesday

    Celtics-Raptors Game 7--Whatever It Takes

    I'd be happy if it's just his groin. I didn't like the way the knee moved.
  19. Mr. Wednesday

    9/9 C’s vs Raps Game 6

    Can we not leave shooters to help inside with a three point lead?