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  1. Kliq

    2020/21 UEFA Europa League: Galloping to Gdansk

    Weird lineup for Spurs today as they take on Austrian club LASK. A back four of Reguilon, Davies, Sanchez and Doherty? A midfield of Lamela, Hojbjerg and Winks? Bale, Vinicius and Lucas start up top? Joe Hart? View:
  2. Kliq

    John Thompson dead at 78

    I'm too young to really remember John Thompson, I was only 4 years old when he resigned from Georgetown. Over the years I heard about him, his relationship with Patrick Ewing and how he played a pivotal role in turning the fledgling Big East into the best conference in College Basketball, along...
  3. Kliq

    How do you feel about your club?

    With Champions League over and the 2019-2020 finally in the rear view, might as well do a assessment about how we all feel about our respective clubs and rate our confidence in them on a scale of 1 to 10. I'll start with mine. Club: Tottenham Hotspur Rating: 4 Spurs crashed to earth after...
  4. Kliq

    Match Week 34/35

    Who can possibly keep track of what match week it is? According the official EPL site, Matchweek 34 technically started on Tuesday and wraps up today, so let's just combine 34 and 35 this weekend into one thread, yes? Tottenham should totally beat a reeling Bournemouth side, but anything is...
  5. Kliq

    Matchday 31 Gamethread

    Tottenham faces West Ham and there is no reason Spurs shouldn't take all three points. Biggest change in Spurs lineup is Lo Celso/Lucas/Dele all starting with Bergwijn, Lamela and Winks on the bench. Eric Dier still improbably starts in front of Toby and Jan. View...
  6. Kliq

    Wes Unseld Dead

    NBA HoF player Wes Unseld has died. View: Unseld is one of those players who always gets brought up when you talk about guys who stats didn't tell the whole story. Averaging 10 ppg and 14 rpg for your career won't put many...
  7. Kliq

    Celtics looking into Capela

    I'm in the same boat. Having a lane-clogging Center probably isn't the way to go when you have a 6" point guard as your primary creator.
  8. Kliq

    How good was Kobe Bryant?

    I thought it would be interesting to have a discussion about Kobe's playing career and whether or not he is overrated, underrated or properly rated, and also a discussion in general about his strengths and weaknesses of his game. He is probably one of the most polarizing NBA players of all-time...
  9. Kliq

    NBA Ratings Slump; Does the NBA have a problem?

    As has been mentioned many times this season, viewership for NBA games on television are down from last season, pretty significantly. A telling sign came earlier this week, when the Saturday primetime game on ABC between the Lakers and Houston was down 10 percent in the ratings and 14 percent in...
  10. Kliq

    15 Years Ago Today

    The public was given perhaps the most rewatchable event in sports history: The Malice at the Palace. It is still completely unfathomable that this took place, even if there had been some warning signs in the decade leading up to it with some ugly fights that spilled into the stands. Obviously I...
  11. Kliq

    NBA 2019-2020 Bold Predictions

    Place your dumb predictions here. We'll make fun of them later. * Clippers beat the Bucks in the Finals. Bucks beat the Sixers in a thrilling ECF series and Philly seriously has to consider trading either Simmons or Embiid in the off-season as their playing styles (no jumper for Simmons, too...
  12. Kliq

    NFL Week 7 Gamethread

    Mahomes went down with a knee injury and was immediately ruled out for the game. Flacco (more like the Denver O-Line) can't seem to get it together though.
  13. Kliq

    Active Hall of Famers

    Who, currently playing, are Hall of Fame players? I'm not asking who do you think will end up in the HoF, but rather which players already should be in the HoF, if their careers ended today? The Top 10 in active bWAR are: 1. Albert Pujols, 100 2. Mike Trout, 72 3. Zack Greinke, 72 4. Justin...
  14. Kliq

    B/R's Top 50 NBA Players of All-Time

    We've had similar discussions in a number of different threads, but figured a new thread would be worth talking about ranking the greatest NBA players of all-time. Bleacher Report listed a Top 50 Players of All-Time, which you can see here: View...
  15. Kliq

    Maradona Documentary

    Will debut on Oct. 1 on HBO. I'm very excited for this; the Director, Asif Kapadia has made some great documentaries in the past, including Senna on Brazilian F1 driver Ayrton Senna, and Amy, on Amy Winehouse. I think the trailer makes the Maradona film more like Senna, in that it has no formal...
  16. Kliq

    NBA Announces All-Decade Teams announced their All-Decade NBA Teams yesterday, chosen by a group of writers and broadcasters. First Team: G Steph Curry G James Harden F LeBron James F Kawhi Leonard F Kevin Durant Second Team: G Chris Paul G Russell Westbrook F Carmelo Anthony F Anthony Davis F Blake Griffin...
  17. Kliq

    2020 NBA Draft discussion

    Time to start thinking about the 2020 Draft, with the Celtics potentially getting some decent draft picks, although barring a disaster or a big trade, they probably don't have a great chance at the lottery. I know people already have their binkies, the top recruits are: (note the rankings are...
  18. Kliq

    Champions League - The Final Four

    Champions League football returns Tuesday with Tottenham vs Ajax today at 3 p.m in London. Tomorrow, Liverpool and Barcelona at Camp Nou. Tottenham and Ajax did not expect to end up here. Spurs have shown uncharacteristic poise in navigating Champions League this season, but limp into the game...
  19. Kliq

    The Freak vs The Beard: Who ya got?

    This has been one of the best MVP races in recent memories, and both James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo have had monster season, each good enough to win the MVP in most other seasons. So who is your pick to win the MVP? Giannis: 28/12/6 on 58/25/73 shooting. 1.3 steals and 1.5 blocks per...
  20. Kliq

    2018-2019 NBA Predictions

    Make your predictions for the upcoming NBA season: Eastern Conference 1. Celtics 2. Raptors 3. 76ers 4. Bucks 5. Pacers 6. Wizards 7. Heat 8. Hornets 9. Pistons 10. Nets 11. Cleveland 12. Chicago 13. Atlanta 14. Orlando 15. Knicks Celtics over Hornets Raptors over Heats 76ers over Wizards...